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GGD GHOR Nederland

GGD GHOR Nederland is the Association of GGD’s (Regional Public Health Services) and GHOR-(Regional Medical Emergency Preparedness and Planning) offices in the Netherlands. We represent the interests of the 25 GGD’s and GHOR offices on national level to stimulate improvements in Public Health and safety and the quality of the Public Health services. GGD’s and GHOR-offices contribute to safeguarding, improving and protecting the health of the Dutch people.

GGD GHOR Nederland supports these activities by:

  • Representing the 25 local GGD’s and GHOR-offices and their interests at local and national government, political and national social organizations;
  • Offering a platform for the GGD’s and GHOR-offices to meet and fine-tune ideas;
  • Acquiring and executing projects that offer support to the way GGD’s and GHOR offices operate or contribute to the implementation of new policy areas.

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GGD GHOR Nederland
Cisca Stom
GGD GHOR Nederland
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