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Becoming a full member of EUPHA

For whom

Full membership of EUPHA is open for national public health associations in Europe (WHO/EURO definition of Europe). National associations need to be scientific and have a multidisciplinary approach to public health. 


  • Your members are included in the European-wide network of public health experts (more than 15'000 at the moment).
  • All your members will benefit from the (electronic) subscription to the European Journal of Public Health (6 issues/year).
  • Your members can opt to subscribe to a hard copy of the European Journal of Public Health at significantly reduced rates. 
  • All your members benefit from an 80 Euro reduction on the registration fees for all European Public Health Conferences.
  • All your members can participate in all EUPHA activities.
  • Your association has a representation in the EUPHA Governing Board.

Membership fees

For each individual member in your association, EUPHA membership is set at 8 Euro (2021 rate).

How to apply

In a standard letter we request the following information:

  • copy constitution with English summary;
  • goals of the association;
  • frequency of scientific meetings and/or journal;
  • number of members.

The information can be sent to The information is circulated among the executive council and approved if:

  • it is a scientific, preferably multidisciplinary association for public health research;
  • if not multidisciplinary, we suggest active recruitment of other societies;
  • a national procedure is developed for rotating disciplinary representation in governing council.