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EUPHW 2022
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European Public Health WEEK

16-20 May 2022


Health throughout the life course









Tuesday 17 May - Vaccination as key prevention strategy

The pandemic made clear there’s a big difference in vaccination equity throughout the world and the European Region. Trust in the government, health literacy and health care professionals affect vaccination uptake during the life course. What can be done to improve its success?

Sub themes

These are subthemes to give you ideas and to stimulate your imagination. They do not limit the scope of the day themes. If you are having doubts on which day you should organise your event, email us at and our team will be happy to help you.

  • Vaccination success is in everyone’s hands
  • Vaccination campaigns: involving the community (e.g. prevention to increase trust) 
  • Reunite the society: building bridges
  • Immunisation equity: solidarity and protecting the vulnerable 
  • Exchanging best practices and knowledge among health care professionals 
  • Vaccination during the life course: what is recommended and for whom?
  • Vaccination: recent perspectives on its role in public health
  • Public and personal benefits of vaccination: not mutually exclusive 
  • Education of health care workers
  • Health literacy in relation to vaccines: access to trustworthy evidence-informed information


Key messages

  • COVID-19 vaccination coverage has also been uneven: as of 8 Feb, 71% of the total population in high-income countries has received a complete primary dose series, compared to 34% in lower-middle -income countries. (Source: WHO)
  • Health literacy, including access to evidence-informed information is key to achieving and sustaining high population demand for and acceptance of vaccination. WHO/Europe Behavioural Insights studies related to COVID-19 vaccination uptake confirm a link between low health literacy and lower intentions to vaccinate. (Source: WHO/Europe)


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Partner of the Tuesday: ECDC

We're collaborating with the European Centre for Diseases Control (ECDC). 
Together we will kick-off the second theme of the week: Vaccination as key prevention strategy. 

Join Tuesday's kick-off event.