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The aim of the HTA Section is to bring together academicians, researchers, health care professionals and decision makers who are keen to work together in the view of optimizing the use of financial and human resources in the healthcare delivery. In particular the Section offers a structured platform to share knowledge and developing new ideas in the field of Public Health. Indeed, the objective is to collect expertise from the other fields in order to strengthen a group of people devoted to the application of HTA to technologies used in Public Health.  

Goals extend from research, including comparative studies to identify and share best practices for the implementation of HTA at national, European and international levels, to global advocacy, in support of the Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3), and in particular the Sub-goal SDG3.8, Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The goals of the Section are:

  • bring together professionals who are involved in HTA at different level, within and outside EUPHA, in order to promote an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and inputs;
  • spread the knowledge about contents, methods and tools of HTA within EUPHA;
  • share methods and tools with other academicians, researchers, health care professionals and manufacturers who are entrusted to produce evidence in order to promote the release of information which are useful for HTA process;
  • support the use of standardized methods which are already available in the field of HTA;
  • promote the development of new methods and recommendations to address emerging topics in the field (i.e. disinvestment, patient involvement/centeredness);
  • support comparative studies at international level in order to figure out best practices and suggestions for the implementation of HTA at European and national level (benchmarking);
  • endorse the continuous update of HTA.


The Section is dedicated to pursuing its aims through:

  • the establishment of partnership with Organizations, Networks and Institutions already involved in delivering or using HTA in order to:
  • promote capacity building programs for professionals;
  • get in touch with decision makers in order to know about their priorities in Public Health;
  • the conduction of surveys in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for HTA in Public Health at international and national level;
  • the encouragement and coordination of international and comparative projects in the field of HTA applied to Public Health policy questions;
  • the promotion of submission of results coming from international and national initiatives in the field of HTA applied to Public Health at the annual EPH Conferences and elsewhere;
  • the organization of thematic workshops during EPH Conferences.


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