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Published: 23 October 2023

Dear colleagues,

Please find the latest newsletter below. 

Newsletter October 2023

1.    EUPHA-SGMH Program at EPH 2023 in Dublin
2.    Your Input Needed: Two Round Tables at EPH 2023
3.    Join us for the EUPHA-SGMH Network Meeting
4.    Feedback for Mid-Term Review of 2020-2025 LGBTIQ Equality Strategy
5.    EUPHA-SGMH Brochure Online

1. EUPHA-SGMH Program at EPH 2023 in Dublin

At the EPH Conference in Dublin this year, the EUPHA section on Sexual & Gender Minority Health (EUPHA-SGMH) is organizing a set of different workshops and round tables on LGBTQI+ health. These include workshop 6Q) Anti-Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Stigma: How Prejudice Affects the Health of SGM Globally (Fri 10 Nov 11:40-12:40), as well as workshop 11P) Inequities in Physical and Mental Health, and Health Care Utilization for LGBTQ Groups Across Europe (Sat 11 Nov 14:00-15:00). Together with various other presentations and posters, this year’s LGBTQI+ health program is promising to be rich and packed. To see the full overview of activities and download a copy, follow this link. Note: All times are in local Ireland times.

2. Your Input Needed: Two Round Tables at EPH 2023

In collaboration with several partners, the EUPHA-SGMH is also organizing two round tables, focusing on the role of the European public health community amidst rising anti-gender movements targeting transgender and gender-expansive individuals as well as global criminalization of LGBTQ+ identities. Join us and provide your input during the following sessions: 7Q) Is Public Health Possible When LGBTQI+ Individuals are Criminalised? A Roundtable and Call to Action (Fri 10 Nov 15:10-16:10), and 10P) Anti-Gender Movements and Their Implications for Trans-Specific Healthcare for Children in Europe (Sat 11 Nov 11:40-12:40).

3. Join us for the EUPHA-SGMH Network Meeting

On Friday November 10, EUPHA-SGMH is hosting the annual Join the Network meeting again at the EPH Conference. Be sure to meet us there for opportunities to network, collaborate, and help shape EUPHA-SGMH’s priorities going into 2024. The Join the Network meeting (JTN18) is taking place in room Ecocem (Fri 10 Nov 12:50-13:50).

4. Feedback for Mid-Term Review of 2020-2025 LGBTIQ Equality Strategy

The European Commission recently circulated a call for evidence and feedback in light of their mid-term review of the LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025. On 14 September 2023, EUPHA and EUPHA-SGMH responded to the call for evidence by focusing on access to gender-affirming care for transgender/non-binary youth amidst rising anti-gender rhetoric. Read our response here.

5. EUPHA-SGMH Brochure Online

A new brochure has now been made available on the EUPHA-SGMH webpage that describes the aims and strategic priorities of the section in a total of 13 different languages. You can find the brochure here (Thanks Dr. Michal Pitoňák!).

Best regards,

Arjan van der Star, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Section President

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