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Published: 21 September 2020


Dear All, 

as you may remember, at the end of June we started the procedure to elect the new President of the EUPHA-HTA Section. 

The EUPHA Office received proposals by two excellent candidates: Chiara de Waure (now Vice President) and Elena Petelos (Member of the Steering Committee).

Chiara and Elena always collaborated with me during my term and they wish to collaborate with each other to increase the impact of the Section within EUPHA, collaborating with the other Sections and with EUPHA Members and with all the external bodies involved in HTA, i.e., HTAi, the European Commission, etc. 

Chiara, Elena and I, as Steering Committee, proposed to EUPHA to close the procedure by identifying Chiara de Waure as President and Elena Petelos as Vice President. We hope that this solution will be fine with you. If you have any hesitation you can contact me ( or the EUPHA Office ( by September the 30th.

We hope that you will take part to the Join the Network Meeting which will be held via Zoom on Friday the 16th October at 13:15 to 14:15 in order to contribute to the definition of an action plan of the Section. 

We would also like to invite you to attend the workshops/roundtables in which the EUPHA-HTA Section is involved as (co)-organizer. 

Round table: Fair processes and fair pricing: examining deliberative processes and the role of HTA for UHC, Tue 13th 12:15-13:15; Organizers: EUPHA-HTA, HTAi - Chairperson(s): Elena Petelos - Greece, Carlo Favaretti - EUPHA (HTA) 

Workshop: Bringing evidence during Public Health Emergencies: addressing the challenge through HTA, Thu 15th 9:45-10:45, Organizers: EUPHA-IDC, EUPHA-HTA - Chairperson(s): Elena Petelos - Greece, Carlo Favaretti - EUPHA (HTA)

Workshop: Assessment, regulation and use of apps for health management: where we are and where we are going? Fri 16th 14:30-15:30; Organizers: EUPHA-HTA, EUPHA-DH - Chairperson(s): Carlo Favaretti - EUPHA (HTA) 

Please follow our Twitter account @eupha_hta 

Best regards.


Carlo Favaretti

 President, Section HTA

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