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EUPHW 2023
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European Public Health WEEK

22-26 May 2023


Public health: Global issues, local actions


Thursday 25 May - Prevention and control of chronic diseases

Striving towards a healthy society requires further action to tackle the determinants of chronic or non communicable diseases (NCDs). As we know that many of them are caused by the same common risk factors, prevention remains a highly efficient way to tackle the issue. In addition, as our populations are ageing, we must accept and prepare our systems for people who are going to live with NCDs and often multi morbidity, which demands a different angle of care. Among NCDs, cancers are a major source of concern and require specific interventions and policies to decrease the overall burden of disease. Long COVID seems to also add considerably to the burden of chronic disease. Much is to be learned yet about the condition itself and how to best treat it.


Daily partner

Our daily partner for the topic of "Prevention and control of chronic diseases" is the The Association of European Cancer Leagues. The daily partner developed and organised the kick-off event for Thursday.


Daily kick-off event

Exploring the Link Between Weight and Cancer:
Effective Communication and Structural Action
Thursday, May 25 at 10:00 CEST

Recording of the webinar is available here: 


Sub themes

These are sub themes to give you ideas and to stimulate your imagination. They do not limit the scope of the day themes. If you are having doubts on which day you should organise your event, email us at our team will be happy to help you.

  • Enabling healthy lives through addressing the wider determinants of health
  • Healthy cities: urban planning for health
  • The commercial determinants of health and their role in NCDs 
  • Nutrition as a prevention and control tool for NCDs
  • NCDs prevention starts early: educating younger people
  • Effective and timely cancer screening
  • How to tackle the physical inactivity epidemic
  • Vaccination for vaccine-preventable cancers
  • The impact of COVID-19 on chronic conditions
  • Long COVID
  • Behavioural science and chronic diseases
  • The role of policy in chronic disease prevention
  • Raising awareness of the harmful effects of vaping and other nicotine products
  • There’s no safe use of alcohol


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