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3.2. Preparing future generations of public health professionals for their leadership role, by building their capacity and knowledge


3.2.A. Skills building activities

EUPHA and EUPHAnxt are committed to organise skills building activities for future generations of public health professionals. The EPH Conference aims to have at least two skills-building event per conference. Partners include organisations representing the younger generation interested in health and/or health services (European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA), International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA), International Students Association (ISA), European Network for Medical Residents in Public Health (Euronet-MRPH) and Young Forum Gastein). Organising events outside the EPH Conference are encouraged and could include support for Summer schools and webinars. 

3.2.B. Further the network

EUPHA aims to further the network of the next generations, by linking with existing European and international students associations in public health, health services and beyond. An EUPHAnxt newsletter is created that includes relevant information exchange and skills building items. Existing and new social media are used to further the network. Partners include EMSA, IFMSA, EFPSA, ISA, and Young Gastein. 

3.2.C. Facilitate international exchange

EUPHA is dedicated to facilitate international exchange for the next generation of public health professionals. The EUPHAnxt newsletter is one tool with information exchange, job and internship possibilities from our partners and EUPHA and coaching. A system – ‘Broaden your Horizon’ – to facilitate and combine student exchange and internships throughout Europe is set up to enlarge the experiences of the younger generation of public health professionals.  Collaboration with EU programmes encouraging international exchange (Marie Curie and Erasmus) is planned.