EUPHA-INJ: Sessions at the EPH Conference 2021

The Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion section is (co-) organising several sessions at the 2021 edition of the European Public Health Conference. Make sure to attend!

Wednesday 10th

9.00 - 12.40
INJU - Safety challenges and altered injury patterns in Europe during COVID-19 and beyond

16.10 - 17.10
1.B. - Biological, socioeconomic, legal and environmental health determinants in the COVID-19 pandemic
1.K. - New working environments, occupational risks and socioeconomic inequalities during covid-19 pandemic

Thursday 11th

17.30 - 18.30
7.A. - Multilateral Partnerships to achieve the SDG5: Gender Equality, and to combat COVID-19

Friday 12th

11.30 - 12.30
9.L. - Injury epidemiology, treatment, costs and legislation during the COVID-19 pandemic

12.40 - 13.40
JTN023 - Injury prevention and safety promotion: Join the network