Public Health Law and Ethics and Covid 19

As the pandemic situation unfolds, better understanding of law, regulation, and professional and social ethics has become increasingly important particularly for health professionals. The UK Faculty of Public Health in collaboration with legal scholars at the University of Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh, and Queen’s University Belfast, has published a set of briefings for health professionals on laws, regulations and guidance on the Covid 19 pandemic for each of the four Nations in the UK. The briefings as well as a general briefing for the public can be accessed freely through the following link:  
These reports provide health professionals with an overview of key legal and regulatory responses to COVID-19, and how they affect important areas of health and social care. They explain the laws and links to further sources related to professionals’rights and duties to help guide their decision-making.

The Faculty has also issued a statement on ethics and public health planning in the face of Covid 19: This highlights the key role of ethics for health professionals in tackling the pandemic.
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