Volume 31, Issue 5, October 2021

COVID-19 vaccines a global public good? Moving past the rhetoric and making work of sharing intellectual property rights, know-how and technology

Marianne Meijer, Marieke Verschuuren, Ella Weggen

Are there ‘two sides’ to attacks on healthcare? Evidence from Palestine
Yara M Asi, Osama Tanous, Bram Wispelwey, Mohammed AlKhaldi

International Humanitarian Law: what does it say on protection of medical facilities?
Ove Bring

Europe and the world: boosting international academic cooperation in a time of geopolitical tension and polarization
Michaela Vallin, Albin Gaunt, Göran Tomson, Ole Petter Ottersen

European-wide policymaking at the urban level: a qualitative study
Julia Mueller, Lesley Patterson, Matyas Jakab, James Higgerson, Stephanie Steels, Arpana Verma

Tobacco taxes for improving welfare and distributional outcomes: the case of Georgia
Alan Fuchs Tarlovsky, María Fernanda González Icaza

European Union Child Guarantee—challenges raised by the welcome promise of free healthcare for marginalized children
Michael J Rigby

Equitable migrant-friendly perinatal healthcare access and quality in public maternity units in Portugal
Julia Doetsch, Ricardo Almendra, Mariana Carrapatoso, Cristina Teixeira, Henrique Barros

Risk factors and their contribution to population health in the European Union (EU-28) countries in 2007 and 2017
João Vasco Santos, Vanessa Gorasso, Júlio Souza, Grant M A Wyper, Ian Grant, Vera Pinheiro, João Viana, Walter Ricciardi, Juanita A Haagsma, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Dietrich Plass, Alberto Freitas

Factors associated with emergency-related diagnosis, time to treatment and type of treatment in 5713 lung cancer patients
Yngvar Nilssen, Odd T Brustugun, Bjørn Møller

Development of medicines consumption in Portugal before and during the financial crisis
António Augusto Donato, João Rui Pita, Francisco Batel-Marques

Correlates of the perceived quality of patient–provider communication among German adults
Fabian Czerwinski, Elena Link, Magdalena Rosset, Eva Baumann, Ralf Suhr

Educational interventions using a primer and motivational interviewing: randomized clinical trial
Leidiane Minervina M de Sabino, Ádria Marcela V Ferreira, Elizamar Regina R Mendes, Emanuella S J Melo, Jardeliny C Penha, Kamila F Lima, Ludmila A do Nascimento, Francisca Elisângela T Lima, Regina Claúdia de Melo, Paulo César de Almeida, Lorena P Barbosa

Characteristics and motives of non-responders in a stepwise cardiometabolic disease prevention program in primary care
Ilse F Badenbroek, Markus M J Nielen, Monika Hollander, Daphne M Stol, Niek J de Wit, François G Schellevis

Cost-effectiveness calculators for health, well-being and safety promotion: a systematic review
Marja Hult, Olli Halminen, Miika Linna, Sakari Suominen, Mari Kangasniemi

Strategy for finding occupational health survey participants at risk of long-term sickness absence
Corné A M Roelen, Marieke F A van Hoffen, Jos W R Twisk, Martijn W Heymans

The impact of a COVID-19 lockdown on work productivity under good and poor compliance
Julius Ohrnberger, Alexa Blair Segal, Giovanni Forchini, Marisa Miraldo, Janetta Skarp, Gemma Nedjati-Gilani, Daniel J Laydon, Azra Ghani, Neil M Ferguson, Katharina Hauck

Association between sunlight exposure and risk of prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Jong-Gyum Yoon, Hong-Bae Kim

Public awareness of the association between human papillomavirus and oropharyngeal cancer
Femke Verhees, Imke Demers, Leo J Schouten, Matt Lechner, Ernst-Jan M Speel, Bernd Kremer

Associations between oral health and cancer in a national representative sample of Spanish adults
Louis Jacob, Guillermo F López-Sánchez, Lee Smith, Igor Grabovac

The impacts of including information about the number of carcinogens in smoke on standardized cigarette packs in the UK
Crawford Moodie, Catherine Best, Nathan Critchlow, Sara Hitchman, Martine Stead, Ann McNeill

Household availability of dietary fats and cardiovascular disease and mortality: prospective evidence from Russia
Denes Stefler, Elvire Landstra, Martin Bobak

Interaction of sex, age, body mass index and race on hypertension risk in the American population: a cross-sectional study
Zhenhong Zhang, Tao Zhang, Enhui Zhao, Shihan Ding, Xiao Kang, Wenwen Zhang, Bingkun Liu, Haoran Liu, Anlan Cheng, Guoju Li, Qiuzhen Wang

Criterion validity of a single-item question for assessment of daily breaks in sedentary time in adults
Pedro B Júdice, Gil B Rosa, João P Magalhães, Megan Hetherington-Rauth, Inês R Correia, Luís B Sardinha

Social inequalities in obesity and overweight: secular changes in Poland between 1983 and 2020
Magdalena Żegleń, Łukasz Kryst, Małgorzata Kowal, Agnieszka Woronkowicz

Intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic in Western and Southern European countries
Julia Brink, Patricia Cullen, Kristen Beek, Sanne A E Peters

Validation of the French Women Abuse Screening Tool to routinely identify intimate partner violence
Candy Guiguet-Auclair, Baptiste Boyer, Keltoume Djabour, Mehdi Ninert, Estelle Verneret-Bord, Françoise Vendittelli, Anne Debost-Legrand

Evolution of inequalities in the coronavirus pandemics in Portugal: an ecological study
Joana Alves, Patrícia Soares, João Victor Rocha, Rui Santana, Carla Nunes

Changes in smoking and alcohol consumption during COVID-19-related lockdown: a cross-sectional study in France
Romain Guignard, Raphaël Andler, Guillemette Quatremère, Anne Pasquereau, Enguerrand du Roscoät, Pierre Arwidson, Ivan Berlin, Viêt Nguyen-Thanh

Factors associated with changes in consumption among smokers and alcohol drinkers during the COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ period
Ciara M E Reynolds, Joanna Purdy, Lauren Rodriguez, Helen McAvoy

Early impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and social restrictions on ambulance missions
Lauri Laukkanen, Sanna Lahtinen, Janne Liisanantti, Timo Kaakinen, Ari Ehrola, Lasse Raatiniemi

COVID-SCORE Spain: public perceptions of key government COVID-19 control measures
Trenton M White, Lucinda Cash-Gibson, Jose M Martin-Moreno, Rafael Matesanz, Javier Crespo, Jose L Alfonso-Sanchez, Sonia Villapol, Ayman El-Mohandes, Jeffrey V Lazarus

Selective perimeter lockdowns in Madrid: a way to bend the COVID-19 curve?
Mario Fontán-Vela, Pedro Gullón, Javier Padilla-Bernáldez

SARS-CoV-2 infections in kindergartens and associated households at the start of the second wave in Berlin, Germany—a cross-sectional study
Marlene Thielecke, Stefanie Theuring, Welmoed van Loon, Franziska Hommes, Marcus A Mall, Alexander Rosen, Falko Böhringer, Christof von Kalle, Valerie Kirchberger, Tobias Kurth, Joachim Seybold, Frank P Mockenhaupt, the BECOSS study group

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