Eurosurveillance December 2023

Eurosurveillance - Volume 28, Issue 48, 30 November 2023
Rapid communication
HIV diagnoses among people born in Ukraine reported by EU/EEA countries in 2022: impact on regional HIV trends and implications for healthcare planning

Juliana Reyes-Urueña , Gaetano Marrone , Teymur Noori , Giorgi Kuchukhidze , Violetta Martsynovska , Larysa Hetman , Anton Basenko , Stela Bivol , Marieke J van der Werf , Anastasia Pharris  and on behalf of the EU/EEA HIV network

The molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 in Sweden 1996 to 2022, and the influence of migration from Ukraine

Anna Weibull Wärnberg , Johanna Brännström , Olof Elvstam , Magnus Gisslén , Fredrik Månsson , Anders Sönnerborg  and Maarten AA van de Klundert

Ecological and clinical evidence of the establishment of West Nile virus in a large urban area in Europe, Berlin, Germany, 2021 to 2022

Claudia Ruscher , Corinna Patzina-Mehling , Julia Melchert , Selina L Graff , Sarah E McFarland , Christian Hieke , Anne Kopp , Anita Prasser , Torsten Tonn , Michael Schmidt , Caroline Isner , Christian Drosten , Dirk Werber , Victor M Corman  and Sandra Junglen
Relative vaccine effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 boosters in people aged at least 75 years during the spring-summer (monovalent vaccine) and autumn-winter (bivalent vaccine) booster campaigns: a prospective test negative case–control study, United Kingdom, 2022

Anastasia Chatzilena , Catherine Hyams , Rob Challen , Robin Marlow , Jade King , David Adegbite , Jane Kinney , Madeleine Clout , Nick Maskell , Jennifer Oliver , Adam Finn , Leon Danon  and on behalf of The Avon CAP Research Group

Meeting report
Assessing the health burden of vaccine-preventable infections in European adults: challenges and opportunities translated into action

Jade Pattyn , Paolo Bonanni  and on behalf of the Adult Immunization Board working group
Eurosurveillance - Volume 28, Issue 49, 07 December 2023

Respiratory syncytial virus infections – recent developments providing promising new tools for disease prevention

Eeva K Broberg  and Hanna Nohynek

Rapid communication
Genomic characterisation of respiratory syncytial virus: a novel system for whole genome sequencing and full-length G and F gene sequences

María Iglesias-Caballero , Sara Camarero-Serrano , Sarai Varona , Vicente Mas , Cristina Calvo , María Luz García , Juan García-Costa , Sonia Vázquez-Morón , Sara Monzón , Albert Campoy , Isabel Cuesta , Francisco Pozo  and Inmaculada Casas
Early lessons from the implementation of universal respiratory syncytial virus prophylaxis in infants with long-acting monoclonal antibodies, Galicia, Spain, September and October 2023

Federico Martinón-Torres , Susana Mirás-Carballal  and Carmen Durán-Parrondo
A cluster of autochthonous dengue transmission in the Paris region – detection, epidemiology and control measures, France, October 2023

Nelly Fournet , Nathalie Voiry , Julian Rozenberg , Clément Bassi , Caroline Cassonnet , Anaïs Karch , Guillaume Durand , Gilda Grard , Gabriela Modenesi , Stevens-Boris Lakoussan , Nicolas Tayliam , Marta Zatta , Sébastien Gallien , on behalf of the investigation team , Harold Noël , Ségolène Brichler  and Arnaud Tarantola

Factors associated with parental intention to vaccinate their child against influenza, Finland, February to March, 2022: a web-based survey

Idil Hussein , Simopekka Vänskä , Jonas Sivelä , Tuija Leino  and Hanna Nohynek

Job vacancies at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Eurosurveillance editorial team
Eurosurveillance - Volume 28, Issue 50, 14 December 2023

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on prevalence of highly resistant microorganisms in hospitalised patients in the Netherlands, March 2020 to August 2022

Wieke Altorf-van der Kuil , Cornelia CH Wielders , Romy D Zwittink , Sabine C de Greeff , Dave A. Dongelmans , Ed J Kuijper , Daan W Notermans , Annelot F Schoffelen  and on behalf of the study collaborators ISIS-AR study group
Prospective 25-year surveillance of prion diseases in France, 1992 to 2016: a slow waning of epidemics and an increase in observed sporadic forms

Angéline Denouel , Jean-Philippe Brandel , Laurène Peckeu-Abboud , Danielle Seilhean , Elodie Bouaziz-Amar , Isabelle Quadrio , Jean-Baptiste Oudart , Sylvain Lehmann , Pantxika Bellecave , Jean-Louis Laplanche  and Stéphane Haik

Mpox outbreak in France: epidemiological characteristics and sexual behaviour of cases aged 15 years or older, 2022

Catarina Krug , Arnaud Tarantola , Emilie Chazelle , Erica Fougère , Annie Velter , Anne Guinard , Yvan Souares , Anna Mercier , Céline François , Katia Hamdad , Laetitia Tan-Lhernould , Anita Balestier , Hana Lahbib , Nicolas Etien , Pascale Bernillon , Virginie De Lauzun , Julien Durand , Myriam Fayad , Investigation Team , Henriette De Valk , François Beck , Didier Che , Bruno Coignard , Florence Lot  and Alexandra Mailles
Skin manifestations after immunisation with an adjuvanted recombinant zoster vaccine, Germany, 2020

Stefano Orru' , Sibylle Bierbaum , Alexander Enk , Hartmut Hengel , Marcus Hoffelner , Daniela Huzly , Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski , Vera Mahler , Maja Mockenhaupt  and Doris Oberle