Volume 33, Issue 3, June 2023

Child poverty is exacerbated by the current war-induced cost-of-living crisis: need for new European-wide measures 
Aapo Hiilamo and Tea Lallukka

Private equity investment in Europe’s primary care sector—a call for research and policy action 
Bernd Rechel and others

Decolonizing global health—what does it mean for us? 
Birger C Forsberg and Jesper Sundewall

Decolonizing global health—what is the plan? 
Adelson Guaraci Jantsch

The ‘decolonization of global health’ agenda in Africa: harnessing synergies with the continent’s strategic aspirations 
Aloysius Ssennyonjo and others


The relationship of income on stroke incidence in Finland and China 
Honghui Yao and others

The self-reported health of the Sámi in Sweden: the SámiHET study 
Miguel San Sebastián and Jon Petter Stoor

Disruption and selection: the income gradient in mortality among natives and migrants in Sweden 
Olof Östergren and others

The effect of sample attrition in the EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions on the estimates of Eurostat’s Healthy Life Years 
Magdalena M Muszyńska-Spielauer and Martin Spielauer


HIV treatment, antiretroviral adherence and AIDS mortality in people who inject drugs: a scoping review 
Anneli Uusküla and others

Regional variations in multimorbidity burden among office-based physicians in Germany 
Isabel Geiger and others

Continuity of care and treatment intensity at the end of life in Swiss cancer patients 
Caroline Bähler and others

Association between language barrier and inadequate prenatal care utilization among migrant women in the PreCARE prospective cohort study 
Maxime Eslier and others


Time use, time pressure and sleep: is gender an effect modifier? 
Anna J Scovelle and others

Externally oriented thinking style increases primary health care use in adolescence 
Virve Kekkonen and others

Alive and kicking: suicide rates and major soccer events in Austria, Germany and Switzerland 
Eva-Maria Pichler and others


Work–life balance and work engagement across the European workforce: a comparative analysis of welfare states 
Janina M Björk-Fant and others

Emotional demands and all-cause and diagnosis-specific long-term sickness absence: a prospective cohort study in Sweden 
Elisabeth Framke and others

The Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire-Short Form and 2-year follow-up of registered work disability 
Eveliina Heikkala and others


Challenges in heart failure care in four European countries: a comparative study 
Bianca Steiner and others

Pet ownership during the first 5 years after breast cancer diagnosis in the NEON-BC cohort 
Luisa Lopes-Conceição and others


Changes in adult obesity prevalence in Denmark, 1987–2021: age–period–cohort analysis of nationally representative data 
Stine Schramm and others

International differences in gradients in early childhood overweight and obesity: the role of maternal employment and formal childcare attendance 
Lidia Panico and others


Vaccine attributes and vaccine uptake in Hungary: evidence from a conjoint experiment 
Jack Thompson and others

COVID-19 vaccination and changes in preventive behaviours: findings from the 2021 vaccine roll-out in Switzerland 
Sara C Hitchman and others

Explaining the gender gap in COVID-19 vaccination attitudes 
Dimiter Toshkov

Attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination and intention to get vaccinated in Western Balkans: cross-sectional survey 
Vida Jeremic Stojkovic and others


Survey of current policies towards widening cervical screening coverage among vulnerable women in 22 European countries 
Meritxell Mallafré-Larrosa and others

The impact of influences in a medical screening programme invitation: a randomized controlled trial 
Christian Patrick Jauernik and others

Coverage by examinations associated with early detection of colorectal neoplasia in the Czech Republic 
Ondřej Ngo and others


Differences in hospitalizations associated with severe COVID-19 disease among foreign- and Swedish-born 
Sol P Juárez and others

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on community-based testing for HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections in the WHO European Region, March to August 2020 
Laura Fernàndez-López and others

Intimate partner violence complaints during COVID-19 lockdown in Spain: a cross-sectional and a case–control study 
Belén Sanz-Barbero and others

Cause-specific mortality in Spain during the pandemic: educational differences and its impact on life expectancy 
Jeroen J A Spijker and Sergi Trias-Llimós


European Public Health News 
Marieke Verschuuren and others