Advance articles - May 2021

Changes in mortality disparities by education in Russia from 1998 to 2017: evidence from indirect estimation
Vladimir M Shkolnikov, Evgeny M Andreev, Domantas Jasilionis

COVID-SCORE Spain: public perceptions of key government COVID-19 control measures
Trenton M White,
Lucinda Cash-Gibson, Jose M Martin-Moreno, Rafael Matesanz, Javier Crespo, Jose L Alfonso-Sanchez, Sonia Villapol, Ayman El-Mohandes, Jeffrey V Lazarus

Social inequalities in participation in cancer screening: does the mode of data collection matter? The CONSTANCES cohort
Ezequiel Aranda, Jeanna-eve Franck, Virginie Ringa, Jeanne Sassenou, Mireille Coeuret-Pellicer, Laurent Rigal, Gwenn Menvielle

Factors associated with emergency-related diagnosis, time to treatment and type of treatment in 5713 lung cancer patients
Yngvar Nilssen, Odd T Brustugun, Bjørn Møller

Educational interventions using a primer and motivational interviewing: randomized clinical trial
Leidiane Minervina M de Sabino, Ádria Marcela V Ferreira, Elizamar Regina R Mendes, Emanuella S J Melo, Jardeliny C Penha, Kamila F Lima, Ludmila A do Nascimento, Francisca Elisângela T Lima, Regina Claúdia de Melo, Paulo César de Almeida, Lorena P Barbosa

Egg consumption associated with all-cause mortality in rural China: a 14-year follow-up study
Lishun Liu, Xiao Huang, Binyan Wang, Yun Song, Tengfei Lin, Ziyi Zhou, Huiyuan Guo, Ping Chen, Yan Yang, Wenhua Ling, Xianhui Qin, Genfu Tang, Chengzhang Liu, Jianping Li, Yan Zhang, J David Spence, Yong Huo, Hao Zhang, Xiping Xu

SARS-CoV-2 infections in kindergartens and associated households at the start of the second wave in Berlin, Germany — a cross sectional study
Marlene Thielecke, Stefanie Theuring, Welmoed van Loon, Franziska Hommes, Marcus A Mall, Alexander Rosen, Falko Böhringer, Christof von Kalle, Valerie Kirchberger, Tobias Kurth, Joachim Seybold, Frank P Mockenhaupt, on behalf of the BECOSS study group

Disability, Loneliness and Health in the UK: cross-sectional survey
Eric Emerson, Roger Stancliffe, Nicola Fortune, Gwynnyth Llewellyn

Do psychosocial job stressors differentially affect the sleep quality of men and women? A study using the HILDA Survey
A J Scovelle,
T King, M Shields, A O’Neil, T Lallukka, B Hewitt, A Milner

Association between sunlight exposure and risk of prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Jong-Gyum Yoon, Hong-Bae Kim

Selective perimeter lockdowns in Madrid: a way to bend the COVID-19 curve?
Mario Fontán-Vela, Pedro Gullón, Javier Padilla-Bernáldez

Early impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and social restrictions on ambulance missions
Lauri Laukkanen, Sanna Lahtinen, Janne Liisanantti, Timo Kaakinen, Ari Ehrola, Lasse Raatiniemi

Corona and coffee on your commute: a spatial analysis of COVID-19 mortality and commuting flows in England in 2020
Igor Francetic, Luke Munford

Cost-effectiveness calculators for health, well-being and safety promotion: a systematic review
Marja Hult, Olli Halminen, Miika Linna, Sakari Suominen, Mari Kangasniemi

Household food spending, parental and childhood’s diet quality, in financial crisis: a cross-sectional study in Greece
Rena I Kosti, Aikaterini Kanellopoulou, Venetia Notara, George Antonogeorgos, Andrea Paola Rojas-Gil, Ekaterina N Kornilaki, Areti Lagiou, Demosthenes B Panagiotakos

Gender differences in the association between physical activity and obesity in adults with vision and hearing losses
Shahina Pardhan,
Lee Smith, Adrian Davis, Rupert Bourne, Yvonne Barnett, Louis Jacob, Ai Koyanagi, Łukasz Radzimiński, Maria Skalska, Joanna Jastrzębska, Zbigniew Jastrzębski, Guillermo F López-Sánchez

Characteristics and motives of non-responders in a stepwise cardiometabolic disease prevention program in primary care
Ilse F Badenbroek, Markus M J Nielen, Monika Hollander, Daphne M Stol, Niek J de Wit, François G Schellevis

Multicomponent intervention provided by GPs to reduce cardiovascular risk factors: evaluation in an Italian large sample
Alessandra Colombo, Gianluca Voglino, Giuseppina Lo Moro, Stefano Taborelli, Maria Antonietta Bianchi, Lucas Maria Gutierrez, Fabrizio Bert, Maria Cristina Della Rosa, Roberta Siliquini

Multiple House Occupancy is Associated with Mortality in Hospitalised Patients with Covid-19

Eilidh Bruce, MBChB
, Ben Carter, Ph.D, Terence J Quinn, M.D, Alessia Verduri, M.D, Oliver Pearson ...

Lifecourse-varying structural stigma, minority stress reactions and mental health among sexual minority male migrants
Arjan van der Star, Richard Bränström, John E Pachankis

The impact of guidance on the supply of codeine-containing products on their use in intentional drug overdose
Emma Birchall, Ivan J Perry, Paul Corcoran, Caroline Daly, Eve Griffin

European Union Child Guarantee—challenges raised by the welcome promise of free healthcare for marginalized children
Michael J Rigby