Front-of-pack nutrition labelling schemes - An update of the evidence

This addendum of the JRC Science for Policy report “Front-of-pack nutrition labelling schemes: a comprehensive review” provides an update of the former publication regarding the effects of front-of-pack nutrition labelling (FOPNL) schemes on consumers' understanding, food purchases, diet and health, as well as food reformulation.

The JRC study on front-of-pack nutrition labelling showed that:

  • Consumers generally value front-of-pack nutrition labels as a quick and easy way to acquire nutrition information when making purchase decisions.
  • Less complex labels require less attention and time for consumers to be processed. 
  • In general, consumers, including consumers with lower income, appear to prefer simple, colourful and evaluative summary front-of-pack labels, which are more easily understood, than more complex, non-evaluative, monochrome labels.
  • Front-of-pack nutrition labels can guide consumers towards healthier diets.
  • Front-of-pack nutrition labelling seems to provide incentives to food businesses to improve the nutritional quality of their products, such as by reducing added salt or sugars.

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