Mourning the loss of Horst Noack, EUPHA past president

The European public health community is mourning Professor Richard Horst Noack, former president of EUPHA. Public health in Austria is inextricably linked to his person and his name. He was a co-founder of the Austrian Public Health Association (ÖGPH), and he was the first ÖGPH President and Honorary President until his death. But not only in Austria did Horst Noack play a pioneering role in the development of public health, he also did internationally. For example, he consolidated the term "New Public Health" in order to further develop public health away from a medically patriarchal eminence-based perspective towards a modern interdisciplinary scientific discipline. Next to be being the EUPHA president in 2006, Horst was chair of the EUPHA conference 2005 in Graz, which was an extraordinary achievement because this was the only conference that was organized with three country local partners (together with Slovenia and Croatia). He was also a member of the local supporting committee in the EPH Conference 2016 in Vienna. It is with sadness and respect that we say goodbye to EUPHA’s past president R. Horst Noack.