Volume 32, Issue 4, August 2022

When the guns fall silent… Priorities for health in post-war Ukraine 
Martin McKeeIveta Nagyova

Post COP26: legal action now part of public health’s environment and climate change toolbox 
David W PattersonRichard HarveyVlatka MatkovicMarlies HesselmanFarhang Tahzib
Extreme heat leads to short- and long-term food insecurity with serious consequences for health 
Carolin KroegerAaron Reeves

Latent class trajectories of socioeconomic position over four time points and mortality: the Uppsala Birth Cohort Study 
Muhammad Zakir HossinAmy HeshmatiIlona KoupilAnna GoodmanGita D Mishra
Exploring the socioeconomic disparities of maternal body mass index: a national study in France 
Marie-Josèphe Saurel-CubizollesElie AzriaBéatrice BlondelNolwenn RegnaultCatherine Deneux-Tharaux
Joint association of socioeconomic circumstances and minor mental health problems with antidepressant medication 
Aino SalonsalmiElina MauramoOssi RahkonenOlli PietiläinenEero Lahelma
Life-course income trajectories of men and women in Norway: implications for self-rated health in later life 
Marijke VeenstraMarja Aartsen

Interventions aimed at improving healthcare and health education equity for adult d/Deaf patients: a systematic review 
Kevin Morisod, Mary Malebranche, Joachim Marti, Jacques Spycher, Véronique S Grazioli, Patrick Bodenmann
Health care patterns and policies in 18 European countries during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic: an observational study 
Dimitra Panteli, Christoph Reichebner, Tanja Rombey, Elke Berger, Juliane Winkelmann, Helene Eckhardt, Ulrike Nimptsch, Reinhard Busse
The WHO Prison Health Framework: a framework for assessment of prison health system performance 
Isobel Stanley, Agnieszka Neumann-Podczaska, Katarzyna Wieczorowska-Tobis, Gert B M Mensink, Lina Garnica Rosas, Stefanie Do, Karim Abu Omar, Catherine Woods, Wolfgang Ahrens, Antje Hebestreit, 
Celine Murrin, the PEN Consortium
Patricia Ots, Karen M Oude Hengel, Alex Burdorf, Suzan J W Robroek, Daan Nieboer, Jolinda L D Schram, Sander K R van Zon, Sandra Brouwer
Burden of cardiovascular diseases and depression attributable to psychosocial work exposures in 28 European countries 
Hélène Sultan-TaïebTania VilleneuveJean-François ChastangIsabelle Niedhammer

Food insecurity among disabled adults 
Joreintje D MackenbachElodie L IbouangaMonique H van der VeenKirsten A ZiesemerMaria G M Pinho

Cardiovascular risk and protective factors in adults with and without diabetes mellitus (Italy, 2016–19) 
Sandro BaldisseraValentina MinardiMaria MasoccoGianluigi Ferrante

Progress in reducing premature mortality from cancer and cardiovascular disease in the former Soviet Union, 2000–19 
Ariana Znaor, Marilys Corbex, Bochen Cao, Mathieu Laversanne, Anton Ryzhov, Vitaly Smelov, Freddie Bray
Change in effectiveness of mammography screening with decreasing breast cancer mortality: a population-based study 
Søren R ChristiansenPhilippe AutierHenrik Støvring

The politics of vaccine hesitancy in Europe 
Florian StoeckelCharlie CarterBenjamin A LyonsJason Reifler
Pere Godoy, Ignasi Parrón, Irene Barrabeig, Joan A Caylà, Laura Clotet, Núria Follia, Monica Carol, Angels Orcau, Miquel Alsedà, Gloria Ferrús, Pere Plans, Mireia Jane, Joan-Pau Millet, Angela Domínguez, the Transmission of Tuberculosis in Catalonia (Spain) Working Group
The impact of pausing the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on uptake in Europe: a difference-in-differences analysis 
Anne GosselinJosiane WarszawskiNathalie Bajosfor the EpiCov Study Group

European Public Health News 
Dineke Zeegers Paget, Hedinn Halldorsson, Clayton Hamilton, Hans Henri P Kluge, Agnese Pastorino, Gerald Rockenschaub, Cristiana Salvi, Floris Barnhoorn