Volume 33, Issue 6, December 2023

No country is safe from a pandemic: insights into small countries’ COVID-19 experiences
Sarah Cuschieri and others
Ethnic differences in multimorbidity after accounting for social-economic factors, findings from The Health Survey for England
Linda Ng Fat and others
Impact of the association between education and obesity on diabetes-free life expectancy
Henrik Brønnum-Hansen and others
What is missing from how we measure and understand the experience of poverty and deprivation in population health analyses?
Katharine Timpson and others
Do physician networks with standardized audit and feedback deliver better quality care for older patients compared to regular care?: a quasi-experimental study using claims data from Bavaria, Germany
Iryna Iashchenko and others
Changes in public health-seeking behaviours for self-limiting respiratory tract infections across England during the COVID-19 pandemic
Brieze Read and others
Lifetime healthcare expenditures across socioeconomic groups in Sweden
Stephanie Fledsberg and others
Stability of clustering of lifestyle risk factors in the Dutch adult population and the association with mental health
Hannah Dorsman and others
The Every Mind Matters campaign: changes in mental health literacy and its associations with campaign awareness
Jane S Hahn and others
Occupational class differences in male suicide risk in Finland from 1970 to 2019
Simo Raittila and others
The association between type of conception through medically assisted reproduction and childhood cognition: a Danish population-wide cohort study
Peter Fallesen
Educational achievement of children with selected major congenital anomalies and associated factors: a Finnish registry-based study
Zahra Roustaei and others
Trends in the long-term impact of childhood visual impairment on health and social outcomes in the UK: a cross-cohort study across three decades of disability-related legislation and policy implementation
Vasiliki Bountziouka and others
The relationship between time spent on social media and adolescent alcohol use: a longitudinal analysis of the UK Millennium Cohort Study
Amrit Kaur Purba and others
Sex differences in cause-specific mortality: regional trends in seven European countries, 1996–2019
Markus Sauerberg and others
The impact of interpersonal reporting heterogeneity on cross-country differences in Healthy Life Years in Europe
Marc Luy and others
Trends of fall-related and other fatal injuries in older adults in Finland between 1998 and 2020
Tuija Ylitörmänen and others
Does previous sickness absence affect work participation after vocational labour market training? A difference-in-differences propensity score matching approach
Laura Salonen and others
Characteristics of employment history and self-perceived barriers to healthcare access
Hanno Hoven and others
Dietary fruits and vegetables and risk of cardiovascular diseases in elderly Chinese
Kang Wang and others
Effective policies to promote sugar reduction in soft drinks: lessons from a comparison of six European countries
Olivier Allais and others
Is health promotion in sports clubs associated with adolescent participants’ fruit and vegetable consumption?
Laura Heikkilä and others
Alcohol, drug and tobacco prevention in Swedish municipalities — impact from the COVID-19 pandemic considering socio-demographic context
Ulrika Owen and others
Adolescent alcohol and cannabis use as risk factors for head trauma in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort study 1986
Maarit K Koivisto and others
The effect of a pre-scheduled appointment on attendance in a population-based mammography screening programme
Mathijs M Goossens and others
Public awareness of the alcohol-cancer link in the EU and UK: a scoping review
Daša Kokole and others
Worsened self-rated health in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic among older adults in Europe
Daniel Lüdecke and Olaf von dem Knesebeck
Public trust in the Government to control the spread of COVID-19 in England after the first wave—a longitudinal analysis
Claudia Boehm and others
Symptom profiles and their risk factors in patients with post-COVID-19 condition: a Dutch longitudinal cohort study
Sander K R van Zon and others
Impact of COVID-19 epidemic on temporal pattern of new HIV diagnoses in Italy, 2021 database
Maria Dorrucci and others
People interact closer when a face mask is worn but risk compensation is at best partial
Martin Aranguren and others
Exploring missed opportunities for influenza vaccination and influenza vaccine co-administration patterns among Italian older adults: a retrospective cohort study
Alexander Domnich and others
Estimated number of reported vaccine-preventable disease cases averted following the introduction of routine vaccination programs in Sweden, 1910–2019
Leah J Martin and others
Health status, healthcare use and child MMR vaccination coverage in Travellers according to their environmental and living conditions in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, 2019–2022
Aude Mondeilh and others
Retraction: The role of individual level health resources on health outcomes of newly settled migrants in Sweden: Maissa Al-Adhami
Correction to: 7.R. Health promotion interventions
Correction to: A systematic review of the effectiveness of community interventions to improve parent health literacy
Correction to: Drinking water contamination from perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): an ecological mortality study in the Veneto Region, Italy
Correction to: The European Public Health Community is mourning Richard Horst Noack
Correction to: Assessing the impact of energy and fuel poverty on health: a European scoping review
Corrigendum to: Next generation sequencing applied to food safety. A new professional profile
Correction to: O.2.2-3 Virtual nature as an intervention to promote connectedness with and visitation of nature among university students: a randomized trial
Correction to: Professionalization of the public health workforce: scoping review and call to action
A method for my role as Executive Director: Gather, Empower and Deliver as one
Charlotte Marchandise and others