New EUPHA Executive director: Dineke Zeegers Paget hands over to Marieke Verschuuren

As of July 1st, Marieke Verschuuren will be EUPHA’s Executive Director. Marieke is very familiar with EUPHA, as she sat on EUPHA’s Executive Council as Secretary in the past 3,5 years, and is founder and active member of the EUPHA Public health monitoring and reporting section. She has a strong track record in public health, including advocating the right to health for all at Wemos, working as an independent public health consultant, leading the public health foresight study 2018 at the National Institute for Public Health and Environment in The Netherlands, and as technical officer at WHO Regional Office for Europe. In addition, she authored key publications on European health information systems and  population health monitoring. The 15+ years of experience in working on the interface of policy and research will guide her work as EUPHA’s new Executive director. Dineke hands over the directorship after 25 years of leading the EUPHA organization. We are grateful for everything that she has done for EUPHA and are very pleased that she will continue to be part of the office team as EUPHA strategic advisor.

From left to right: Dr Dineke Zeegers Paget, Dr Iveta Nagyova (EUPHA president), Dr Marieke Verschuuren.