Advance articles - November 2020

Psychosocial health of adolescents in relation to underweight, overweight/obese status: the EU NET ADB survey
Georgia Drosopoulou, Theodoros N Sergentanis, Georgios Mastorakos, Elpis Vlachopapadopoulou, Stefanos Michalacos, Chara Tzavara, Flora Bacopoulou, Theodora Psaltopoulou, Artemis Tsitsika

Brief alcohol intervention at a municipal registry office: reach and retention
Caroline E Enders, Andreas Staudt, Jennis Freyer-Adam, Christian Meyer, Sabina Ulbricht, Ulrich John, Sophie Baumann

Correlates of the use of electronic devices to vape cannabis in a cohort of young Swiss male reporting current cannabis use
Daniel Fuster, Joseph Studer, Gerhard Gmel, Nicolas Bertholet

Retirement status and frailty: a cross-sectional study of the phenotype of manual workers aged 50–70 years
Kristoffer L Norheim, Henrik Bøggild, Johan Hviid Andersen, Øyvind Omland, Jakob H Bønløkke, Pascal Madeleine

Excess mortality from COVID-19:. Weekly excess death rates by age and sex for sweden and its most affected region
Karin Modig, Anders Ahlbom, Marcus Ebeling

Sleep pattern in the US and 16 European countries during the COVID-19 outbreak using crowdsourced smartphone data
Paul H Lee, Jan Marek, Petr Nálevka

Development and validation of a questionnaire to assess Unaccompanied Migrant Minors’ needs (AEGIS-Q)
Maria Luisa Di Pietro, Drieda Zaçe, Leuconoe Grazia Sisti, Emanuela Maria Frisicale, Alice Corsaro, Andrea Gentili, Luca Giraldi, Stefania Bruno, Stefania Boccia

Physical activity and emotional-behavioural difficulties in young people: a longitudinal population-based cohort study
Andrea K Bowe, Colm Healy, Mary Cannon, Mary B Codd

Trends in adolescent drinking across 39 high-income countries: exploring the timing and magnitude of decline
Rakhi Vashishtha, Amy Pennay, Paul Dietze, Melvin Barrientos Marzan, Robin Room, Michael Livingston

Sleep pattern in the US and 16 European countries during the COVID-19 outbreak using crowdsourced smartphone data
Paul H Lee, Jan Marek, Petr Nálevka 

Are women satisfied with their experience with breast cancer screening? Systematic review of the literature
Federica Pagliarin, Liisa Pylkkanen, Minna Salakari, Silvia Deandrea

The contribution of employment and working conditions to occupational inequalities in non-communicable diseases in Europe
Courtney L McNamara, Marlen Toch-Marquardt, Viviana Albani, Terje A Eikemo, Clare Bambra

Determinants of inequalities in years with disability: an international-comparative study
Wilma J Nusselder, José Rubio Valverde, Matthias Bopp, Henrik Brønnum-Hansen, Patrick Deboosere, Ramune Kalediene, Katalin Kovács, Mall Leinsalu, Pekka Martikainen, Gwenn Menvielle, Enrique Regidor, Bodgan Wojtyniak, Johan P Mackenbach

Impact of a nutrition education programme on free sugar intake & nutrition-related knowledge in fifth-grade schoolchildren
Eva Winzer, Maria Wakolbinger, Manuel Schätzer, Karin Blagusz, Anita Rieder, Monika Lechleitner, Friedrich Hoppichler

A scoping review of qualitative research on perceptions of one’s own alcohol use
Stephanie Morris, Duncan Stewart, Mary Madden, Jim McCambridge

Validity of self-reported mammography uptake in the Belgian health interview survey: selection and reporting bias
Finaba Berete, Johan Van der Heyden, Stefaan Demarest, Rana Charafeddine, Jean Tafforeau, Herman Van Oyen, Olivier Bruyère, Françoise Renard

Book Review. Richard Horton: The COVID-19 Catastrophe. What’s Gone Wrong and How to Stop it Happening Again?
Peter Allebeck

Home and away: mortality among Finnish-born migrants in Sweden compared to native Swedes and Finns residing in Finland
Olof Östergren, Kaarina Korhonen, Nina-Katri Gustafsson, Pekka Martikainen

Distance from the outbreak of infection, ozone pollution and public health consequences of SARS-CoV-2 epidemic
Giovanni Tripepi, Mario Plebani, Giorgio Iervasi, Mercedes Gori, Daniela Leonardis, Graziella D’Arrigo, Maria Fusaro

Pregnant under the pressure of a pandemic: a large-scale longitudinal survey before and during the COVID-19 outbreak
Elin Naurin, Elias Markstedt, Dietlind Stolle, Daniel Enström, Anton Wallin, Ingrid Andreasson, Birgitta Attebo, Ottilia Eriksson, Klara Martinsson, Helen Elden, Karolina Linden, Verena Sengpiel

Dose–response association between adult height and all–cause mortality: a systematic review and meta–analysis of cohort studies
Quanman Li, Yu Liu, Xizhuo Sun, Honghui Li, Cheng Cheng, Leilei Liu, Feiyan Liu, Qionggui Zhou, Chunmei Guo, Gang Tian, Ranran Qie, Minghui Han, Shengbing Huang, Linlin Li, Bingyuan Wang, Yang Zhao, Yongcheng Ren, Ming Zhang, Dongsheng Hu, Jian Wu, Jie Lu

Did the introduction and increased prescribing of antidepressants lead to changes in long-term trends of suicide rates?
Simone Amendola, Martin Plöderl, Michael P Hengartner