Advance articles - March 2021

The association of migration with multiple tobacco product use among male adults in 15 low- and middle-income countries
Daniel Tzu-Hsuan Chen, Christopher Millett, Filippos T Filippidis

Exploratory comparison of Healthcare costs and benefits of the UK’s Covid-19 response with four European countries
Howard Thom, Josephine Walker, Peter Vickerman, Will Hollingworth

Corrigendum to: Comparison of physical activity levels in Spanish adults with chronic conditions before and during COVID-19 quarantine

Evolution of inequalities in the coronavirus pandemics in Portugal: an ecological study
Joana Alves, Patrícia Soares, João Victor Rocha, Rui Santana, Carla Nunes

Role of social support in the relationship between financial hardship and multimorbidity—a causal mediation analysis
Ankur Singh, Diana Contreras Suarez, Emily You, Ludmila Fleitas Alfonzo, Tania King

European-wide policymaking at the urban level: a qualitative study
Julia Mueller, Lesley Patterson, Matyas Jakab, James Higgerson, Stephanie Steels, Arpana Verma

Tobacco taxes for improving welfare and distributional outcomes: the case of Georgia
Alan Fuchs Tarlovsky, María Fernanda González Icaza

Ethnic minorities and COVID-19: Examining whether excess risk is mediated through deprivation
Cameron Razieh, Francesco Zaccardi, Nazrul Islam, Clare L Gillies, Yogini Chudasama, Alex Rowlands, David E Kloecker, Melanie J Davies, Kamlesh Khunti, Thomas Yates

Area-level indicators of income and total mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic
Fabio Riccardo Colombo, Gianfranco Alicandro, Carlo La Vecchia

Low birth weight and its associated biopsychosocial factors over a 19-year period: findings from a national cohort study
Habtamu Mellie Bizuayehu, Melissa L Harris, Catherine Chojenta, Peta M Forder, Deborah Loxton

Assessing the Indirect Effects of COVID-19 on Healthcare Delivery, Utilization, and Health Outcomes: A Scoping Review

Charlotte M Roy,
E Brennan Bollman, Laura M Carson, Alexander J Northrop, Elizabeth F Jackson, Rachel T Moresky

Better air but not for all? Changes in second-hand smoke exposure at workplaces in 29 European countries over 10 years
Sven Schneider, Thorsten Lunau, Terje A Eikemo, Daniel Kotz, Clare Bambra, Benjamin Kuntz, Nico Dragano