Volume 32, Issue 5, October 2022

Health democracy, from one crisis to another
François Alla

Towards gender-transformative SRHR: a statement in reply to EUPHA and offer of a working definition 
Julia Zielke, Joe Strong, Furqan Ahmed, Céline Miani, Yudit Namer, Simone Storey, Oliver Razum

Availability and implementation of guidelines in European child primary health care: how can we improve? 
Paul L KockenNicole M C van KesterenRenate van ZoonenSijmen A Reijneveld

Effectiveness of a community intervention to reduce social isolation among older people in low-income neighbourhoods 
C LapenaX ContinenteA Sánchez MascuñanoM Mari dell’OlmoM J López
Female political representation and the gender health gap: a cross-national analysis of 49 European countries 
Aaron ReevesChris BrownJohanna Hanefeld

Double advantage of parental education for child educational achievement: the role of parenting and child intelligence 
Nathalie Tamayo Martinez, Yllza Xerxa, James Law, Fadila Serdarevic, Pauline W Jansen, Henning Tiemeier
Risk factors in adolescence as predictors of trajectories of somatic symptoms over 27 years 
Noora Berg, Tapio Nummi, Christopher G Bean, Hugo Westerlund, Pekka Virtanen, Anne Hammarström

Clustering of disability pension and socioeconomic disadvantage in Sweden: a geospatial analysis 
Marianna Virtanen, Katriina Heikkilä, Jussi Vahtera, Mika Kivimäki, Jaana I Halonen, Kristina Alexanderson, Simo Rautiainen, Tea Lallukka, Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz
Leadership behaviours and health-related early exit from employment: a prospective cohort study of 55 364 employees 
Kathrine Sørensen, Jeppe Karl Sørensen, Lars L Andersen, Julie Eskildsen Bruun, Paul Maurice Conway, Elisabeth Framke, Ida E H Madsen, Helena Breth Nielsen, Mads Nordentoft, Karina G V Seeberg, Reiner Rugulies
Impact of hypothetical improvements in the psychosocial work environment on sickness absence rates: a simulation study 
Jimmi Mathisen, Tri-Long Nguyen, Johan H Jensen, Amar J Mehta, Reiner Rugulies, Naja H Rod
Lost individual income due to severe health events: life-course perspective in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 
Ina RissanenIiro NergLeena Ala-MursulaMarko Korhonen
Changes in healthy and unhealthy working life expectancies among older working-age people in Finland, 2000–2017 
Mikko Laaksonen, Marko Elovainio, Sakari Kainulainen, Taina Leinonen, Tuija Jääskeläinen, Harri Rissanen, Seppo Koskinen

An analysis of cigarette sales during Poland’s menthol cigarette sales ban: small effects with large policy implications 
Alex C Liber, Michal Stoklosa, David T Levy, Luz María Sánchez-Romero, Christopher J Cadham, Michael F Pesko
Intergenerational transmission of parental smoking: when are offspring most vulnerable? 
J AlvesJ PerelmanE RamosA E Kunst
Mentioning smoking cessation assistance during healthcare consultations matters: findings from Dutch survey research 
Naomi A van Westen-LagerweijJeroen BommeléMarc C WillemsenEsther A Croes

Alcohol use in adolescence as a risk factor for overdose in the 1986 Northern Finland Birth Cohort Study 
Maarit K Koivisto, Jouko Miettunen, Jonna Levola, Antti Mustonen, Anni-Emilia Alakokkare, Caroline L Salom, Solja Niemelä
Increasing prevalence of illicit drug use among employees at Swedish workplaces over a 25-year period 
Kristin FeltmannTomas VillénOlof BeckJohanna Gripenberg
Factors associated with changing alcohol consumption during the first UK lockdown 
Kareena McAloney-KocamanKerri E McPhersonEmily McGlincheyCherie Armour

Study on the death and disease burden caused by high sugar-sweetened beverages intake in China from 1990 to 2019 
Yingying JiangTingling XuWenlan DongCordia ChuMaigeng Zhou
Associations of ultra-processed food consumption with cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality: UK Biobank
Xuanli Chen, Jiadong Chu, Wei Hu, Na Sun, Qida He, Siyuan Liu, Zhaolong Feng, Tongxing Li, Qiang Han, Yueping Shen
Corporate political activity in the context of sugar-sweetened beverage tax policy in the WHO European Region 
Kathrin LauberHolly RippinKremlin WickramasingheAnna B Gilmore

The relationship between physical activity and severity of COVID-19 symptoms in non-hospitalized individuals 
Alexandros MitropoulosSimon GoodwillRobert CopelandMarkos Klonizakis
A regression discontinuity analysis of the social distancing recommendations for older adults in Sweden during COVID-19 
Carl Bonander, Debora Stranges, Johanna Gustavsson, Matilda Almgren, Malin Inghammar, Mahnaz Moghaddassi, Anton Nilsson, Joan Capdevila Pujol, Claire Steves, Paul W Franks, Maria F Gomez, Tove Fall, Jonas Björk, COVID Symptom Study Sweden
Comparison between first and second wave of COVID-19 outbreak in older people: the COPE multicentre European observational cohort study 
Alessia Verduri, Roxanna Short, Ben Carter, Philip Braude, Arturo Vilches-Moraga, Terence J Quinn, Jemima Collins, Jane Lumsden, Kathryn McCarthy, Louis Evans, Phyo K Myint, Jonathan Hewitt, COPE Study Team
SARS-CoV-2 transmission by asymptomatic healthcare workers positive to screening swab: an Italian study 
Francesca Palese, Luca Arnoldo, Laura Brunelli, Silvana Buzancic, Valentina Anna De Giusti, Alberto Ferrazzano, Tolinda Gallo, Andrea Iob, Katia Mauro, Corrado Pipan, Marta Polonia, Edoardo Ruscio, Maurizio Treleani, Alessandro Conte
The impact of face-mask mandates on all-cause mortality in Switzerland: a quasi-experimental study 
Giacomo De GiorgiPascal GeldsetzerFelix MichalikM Maddalena Speziali
The French Covid-19 vaccination policy did not solve vaccination inequities: a nationwide study on 64.5 million people 
Florence DébarreEmmanuel LecoeurLucie GuimierMarie Jauffret-RoustideAnne-Sophie Jannot

Musculoskeletal health, wealth and business, and wider societal impact 
Anthony Woolf

European Public Health News 
Marieke Verschuuren, Hans Henri P. Kluge, Gerald Rockenschaub, Hedinn Halldorsson, Daniela Martini, Kristina Ronsin, Oleg Storozhenko, Catherine A.H. Smallwood, Souaad Chemali, John Middleton, Floris Barnhoorn, Reinhard Busse