EUPHA endorses two joint statements from the 2022 Thematic networks of the EU Health Policy Platform

EUPHA participated in two of the 2022 thematic networks that were hosted on the EU Health Policy Platform and undersigns these:

The 'DisQo anti-discrimination & health equity' joint statement was led by the European Public Health Alliance. The statement addresses that despite increasing evidence showing that structural, institutional, and interpersonal racism and discrimination impact both physical and mental health inequities in multiple ways the issue has gained too little attention in the public health domain thus far. The statement identifies five key priorities for addressing the issue in a constructive, respectful, and participatory way.

The Mental Health in All Policies joint statement was led by Mental Health Europe. This joint statement calls for a Mental Health in All Policies approach, i.e., for public policies across sectors to promote population mental health and wellbeing by initiating and facilitating action within different non-health public policy areas and describes the win-win situation for such an approach.