Advance articles - November 2022

Country differences in the cross-sectional associations between smoking and depressive symptoms in adolescence 
Elena Raffetti, Francesco Donato, Federico Triolo, Filip Andersson, Yvonne Forsell, Maria Rosaria Galanti
Evidence of the emergence of illicit benzodiazepines from online drug forums 
Abeed Sarker, Mohammed Ali Al-Garadi, Yao Ge, Nisha Nataraj, Londell McGlone, Christopher M Jones, Steven A Sumner
Period effects in the risk of labour market marginalization among refugees in Sweden: a register-based cohort study 
Stefanie Kirchner, Ridwanul Amin, Thomas Niederkrotenthaler, Alexis E Cullen, Katalin Gémes, Magnus Helgesson, Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz
Evidence of the emergence of illicit benzodiazepines from online drug forums 
Abeed Sarker, Mohammed Ali Al-Garadi, Yao Ge, Nisha Nataraj, Londell McGlone, Christopher M Jones, Steven A Sumner
Personalized prevention in oncology: integrating the current approaches for the benefit of population health 
Stefania BocciaWalter Ricciardi
Four decades of screening and brief alcohol intervention research: the peg and the hole 
Per NilsenSven Andréasson
Cardiovascular mortality trends in Switzerland 1995–2018 
Lisa SorrentinoArnaud ChioleroCristian Carmeli
Measles cases in Split-Dalmatia County (a Croatian tourist region), in May–July 2019: outbreak report and lessons learnt
Milka Brzovic, Katija Barac Juretic, Anamarija Jurcev-Savicevic, Linda Mihojevic, Diana Nonkovic, Pero Rizvan, Matea Vujevic Petrovic, Marija Tonkic, Bernard Kaic, Andrea Babic-Erceg, Tatjana Vilibic-Cavlek, Jelena Ivancic-Jelecki
Is rare cancer care organized at national health system level? Multiple case study in six EU countries 
Joan Prades, Annalisa Trama, Paolo G Casali, Jean-Francois Emile, Nathalie Gaspar, Ramunas Janavicius, Rasa JanĨiauskien
Estimating the worldwide burden of health loss due to hearing loss 
Riccardo NociniBrandon M HenryGiuseppe LippiCamilla Mattiuzzi
Perinatal mortality in Ireland: inequalities by socio-economic group and country of birth 
Katie DuffySheelah ConnollyAnne NolanBertrand Maître
Income differences in partial life expectancy between ages 35 and 64 from 1988 to 2017: the contribution of living arrangements 
Jade KnopPekka MartikainenHanna RemesLasse Tarkiainen
Mental health by native–immigrant intermarriage in Sweden: a register-based retrospective cohort study 
Helena HonkaniemiSol Pía JuárezMikael Rostila
Trends in smoking-attributable mortality in Spain: 1990–2018 
Julia Rey-Brandariz, Mónica Pérez-Ríos, María Isolina Santiago-Pérez, Iñaki Galán, Anna Schiaffino, Leonor Varela-Lema, Agustín Montes, María Esther López-Vizcaíno, Alexandra Giraldo-Osorio, Cristina Candal-Pedreira, Alberto Ruano-Ravina
The architecture of the European Union’s pandemic preparedness and response policy framework 
Dimitri EerensRok HrzicTimo Clemens
Labor force participation during COVID-19 and risk of depression: a Danish register study 
Sophie S Hellmann, Sanne P Møller, Annette K Ersbøll, Ziggi I Santini, Maj Britt D Nielsen, Morten K Grønbæk, Ola Ekholm, Lau C Thygesen
European public mental health responses to the COVID-19 pandemic 
Naomi WilsonShari McDaidFrank WieberJutta Lindert
Vaccination barriers and drivers in Romania: a focused ethnographic study 
Eve Dube, Adriana Pistol, Aurora Stanescu, Cassandra Butu, Sherine Guirguis, Oana Motea, Anca Elvira Popescu, Alexandra Voivozeanu, Miljana Grbic, Marie-Ève Trottier, Noel T Brewer, Julie Leask, Bruce Gellin, Katrine Bach Habersaat
Burden of disease among older adults in Europe—trends in mortality and disability, 1990–2019 
Kim Moesgaard Iburg, Periklis Charalampous, Peter Allebeck, Elsa Jonsson Stenberg, Rónán O’Caoimh, Lorenzo Monasta, José L Peñalvo, David M Pereira, Grant M A Wyper, Vikram Niranjan, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Juanita Haagsma
The impact of switching from single-use to reusable healthcare products: a transparency checklist and systematic review of life-cycle assessments 
Mattis KeilTobias ViereKevin HelmsWolf Rogowski