EUPHAnxt: a new team, a new logo

A new team includes four young enthusiastic and public health-passionate individuals whom strive to continue the fantastic work of EUPHAnxt, further expand the network, build more partnerships and strengthen the presence of students and young professionals in the European public health community.  
Sara McQuinn is the new EUPHAnxt Coordinator
Pasquale Cacciatore is the new EUPHAnxt Communication Manager.
Keitly Mensah is the new EUPHAnxt Conference Manager.
Anton Hasselgren is the new EUPHAnxt Partnership Manager
EUPHAnxt current projects and initiatives include:

  •         A fun and informative periodic newsletter addressed to students and young professionals interested in public health.
  •         To organise skill-building workshops at the annual EPH conference to promote training and education.
  •         The abstract mentoring programme, which provides an opportunity for young and/or less experienced abstract submitters to receive feedback from expert reviewers on abstracts that are to be submitted to the EPH Conference.
  •         An Informal Internship Programme, where our goal is to put students and young professionals interested in doing an internship at the EUPHA office or within one of the EUPHA sections, in contact with the relevant public health professional.
If you have any queries, or would like more information regarding EUPHAnxt, please email: We also have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts where we share our latest activities, and interesting public health news!