A second life for your health data? Share your views.

The citizen e-consultation “Healthy Data - your views on the reuse of your health data” aims at raising awareness, stimulate the reflexion and engage the discussion with and between citizens on the use of health data beyond individual care - what is usually called “reuse, or “second life” of health data. It was launched on December 6, 2021 and open until April 4, 2022. The consultations is organized by Sciensano (Belgium), the Health Data Hub (France) and the NHS Confederation (United Kingdom), available in French, Dutch and English and accessible to any European citizen willing to participate. You are encouraged to circulate the call to participate in the e-consultation within your network. More information here.
The Healthy Data e-consultation is available at http://ourhealthydata.eu.
The citizen e-consultation is undertaken by Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space – TEHDAS. TEHDAS supports the European Commission in building a European Health Data Space by developing principles for the cross-border secondary use of health data. The data space will form the legal bases for data use. The secondary use of health data means using health data for purposes other than the primary reason for which they were originally collected.
The TEHDAS Joint Action project develops European principles for the secondary use of health data. TEHDAS is being carried out by 25 European countries and co-ordinated by the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra.