Legislative proposal on the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Regulation

Following four years of negotiation with the Parliament and with the Council, the legislative proposal on the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Regulation is finally moving forward, with agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on June 23, 2021. The Regulation will improve the access to innovative technologies via centralised assessment, thus ensuring efficient use of resources and strengthening the quality of HTA across the EU.  It will also facilitate business predictability and reduce effort duplication. Last, but not least, it sets the groundwork for more sustainable cooperation between Member-States. We are happy to have been actively participating in the legislative process discussion through the HTA Stakeholder Network and in various events with Carlo Favaretti and Elena Petelos.
We were also delighted to receive a kind invite to celebrate with the DG Health Team for our contribution to the HTA Networks Stakeholder Pool.
The next meeting of the HTA Network takes place on July 7. Following this meeting, we plan to embark on multilateral discussions on the role of stakeholders and the platforms for engagement, as well as for the activities to be planned for the next three years until the establishment of the central mechanism.