Advance Articles - August 2021

Sociodemographic features and patterns of non-participation in colorectal cancer screening in Finland
Maija Jäntti, Sirpa Heinävaara, Nea Malila, Tytti Sarkeala

Developing a tool to monitor knowledge translation in the health system: results from an international Delphi study
Marie Delnord, Linda A Abboud, Claudia Costa, Herman Van Oyen

Development of medicines consumption in Portugal before and during the financial crisis
António Augusto Donato, João Rui Pita, Francisco Batel-Marques

Cost-effectiveness and return on investment of school-based health promotion programmes for chronic disease prevention
John P Ekwaru, Arto Ohinmaa, Julia Dabravolskaj, Katerina Maximova, Paul J Veugelers

The impact of a COVID-19 lockdown on work productivity under good and poor compliance
Julius Ohrnberger, Alexa Blair Segal, Giovanni Forchini, Marisa Miraldo, Janetta Skarp, Gemma Nedjati-Gilani, Daniel J Laydon, Azra Ghani, Neil M Ferguson, Katharina Hauck

Correlates of the perceived quality of patient–provider communication among German adults
Fabian Czerwinski, Elena Link, Magdalena Rosset, Eva Baumann, Ralf Suhr

Sustainable financing of European non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
Milka Sokolović, Dineke Zeegers Paget

Building back better: why we need to fix the health worker divide in Europe
Martin McKee

Were immigrants on the frontline during the lockdown? Evidence from France
Anne Gosselin, Maria Melchior, Diane Desprat, François-Xavier Devetter, Julie Pannetier, Emmanuel Valat, Sarah Memmi

Does face mask use elicit risk-compensation? Quasi-experimental evidence from Denmark during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
Frederik Jørgensen, Marie Fly Lindholt, Alexander Bor, Michael Bang Petersen

Prevalence and undiagnosed fraction of hepatitis C infection in 2018 in Spain: results from a national population-based survey
Alicia Estirado Gómez, Soledad Justo Gil, Aurora Limia, Ana Avellón, Araceli Arce Arnáez, Raquel González-Rubio, Asunción Diaz, Julia del Amo, the Working group of the HCV prevalence study in Spain in 2017–2018

Physical inactivity in nine European and Central Asian countries: an analysis of national population-based survey results
Stephen Whiting, Romeu Mendes, Karim Abu-Omar, Peter Gelius, Anna Crispo, Karen McColl, Phillipa Simmonds, Natalia Fedkina, Dianne Andreasyan, Hagverdiyev Gahraman, Tatyana Migal, Lela Sturua, Galina Obreja, Zulfinissio Abdurakhmanova, Ibraeva Nurgul Saparkulovna, Toker Erguder, Banu Ekinci, Bekir Keskinkilic, Shukhrat Shukurov, Rustam Yuldashev, Nino Berdzuli, Ivo Rakovac, Joao Breda

Late HIV diagnosis among immigrants in Spain vs. native-born Spaniards, 2010–15
Megi Gogishvili, Terry T -K Huang, Sergio A Costa, Karen Florez, Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, Maria R A Valls, María Rivero, Maria Saumoy, Gloria Samperiz, Miguel Cervero, Federico Pulido, José A Pérez, Cohort of the Spanish AIDs Research Network

Intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic in Western and Southern European countries
Julia Brink, Patricia Cullen, Kristen Beek, Sanne A E Peters

Sex differences in activity and health changes following COVID-19 in Europe - Results from the SHARE COVID-19 survey
Lasse L Scheel-Hincke, Linda J Ahrenfeldt, Karen Andersen-Ranberg

Public perceptions and behavioural responses to the first COVID-19 pandemic wave in Italy: Results from the iCARE study
Jovana Stojanovic, Valeria Raparelli, Stefania Boccia, Simon L Bacon, Kim L Lavoie, the iCARE Study Team

Interaction of sex, age, body mass index and race on hypertension risk in the American population: a cross-sectional study
Zhenhong Zhang, Tao Zhang, Enhui Zhao, Shihan Ding, Xiao Kang, Wenwen Zhang, Bingkun Liu, Haoran Liu, Anlan Cheng, Guoju Li, Qiuzhen Wang

Validation of the French Women Abuse Screening Tool to routinely identify intimate partner violence
Candy Guiguet-Auclair, Baptiste Boyer, Keltoume Djabour, Mehdi Ninert, Estelle Verneret-Bord, Françoise Vendittelli, Anne Debost-Legrand

Atopic diseases and airway-related symptoms in Bavarian pre-schoolers: determinants and association with immunization
Christine Korbely, Alisa Weinberger, Susanne Kutzora, Jonas Huß, Lana Hendrowarsito, Uta Nennstiel, Annette Heißenhuber, Caroline Herr, Stefanie Heinze, for The GME Study Group

Europe and the world: boosting international academic cooperation in a time of geopolitical tension and polarization
Michaela Vallin, Albin Gaunt, Göran Tomson, Ole Petter Ottersen

Understanding the life experiences of people with multiple complex needs: peer research in a health needs assessment
Jill M Harland, Emma A Adams, Sophie Boobis, Mandy Cheetham, Alice Wiseman, Sheena E Ramsay

Post-implementation perspectives on smokefree prison policy: a qualitative study with staff and people in custody
Ashley Brown, Danielle Mitchell, Kate Hunt

Family support modifies the effect of changes to same-sex marriage legislation on LGB mental health: evidence from a UK cohort study
Celine Teo, Nicholas Metheny, Antony Chum

Facilitators and barriers to implementing lifestyle intervention programme to prevent cognitive decline
Jenni Kulmala, Anna Rosenberg, Tiia Ngandu, Katri Hemiö, Tarja Tenkula, Arja Hyytiä, Minna Vienola, Minna Huhtamäki-Kuoppala, Anneli Saarinen, Saana Korkki, Tiina Laatikainen, Alina Solomon, Miia Kivipelto

School performance of children whose parents suffered torture and war—a register-based study in Denmark
Line Bager, Thomas Munk Laursen, Niels Skipper, Esben Agerbo