Volume 31, Issue 6, December 2021

Sustainable financing of European non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
Milka Sokolović, Dineke Zeegers Paget
Call for emergency action to limit global temperature increases, restore biodiversity and protect health: Wealthy nations must do much more, much faster
Lukoye Atwoli,
Abdullah H Baqui, Thomas Benfield, Raffaella Bosurgi, Fiona Godlee, Stephen Hancocks, Richard Horton, Laurie Laybourn-Langton, Carlos Augusto Monteiro, Ian Norman, Kirsten Patrick, Nigel Praities, Marcel G M Olde Rikkert, Eric J Rubin, Peush Sahni, Richard Smith, Nick Talley, Sue Turale, Damián Vázquez

Prevalence and undiagnosed fraction of hepatitis C infection in 2018 in Spain: results from a national population-based survey
Alicia Estirado Gómez, Soledad Justo Gil, Aurora Limia, Ana Avellón, Araceli Arce Arnáez, Raquel González-Rubio, Asunción Diaz, Julia del Amo, the Working group of the HCV prevalence study in Spain in 2017–2018
Late HIV diagnosis among immigrants in Spain vs. native-born Spaniards, 2010–15
Megi Gogishvili, Terry T -K Huang, Sergio A Costa, Karen Florez, Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, Maria R A Valls, María Rivero, Maria Saumoy, Gloria Samperiz, Miguel Cervero, Federico Pulido, José A Pérez, Cohort of the Spanish AIDs Research Network
Contextual factors associated with knowledge and attitudes of HIV/AIDS among Malawian women of reproductive age
Owen Nkoka, Peter A M Ntenda, Kun-Yang Chuang
Populations size estimations using SS-PSE among MSM in four European cities: how many MSM are living with HIV?
Lisa Grazina Johnston, Katherine R McLaughlin, Lorenzo Gios, Maddalena Cordioli, Danica Valkovičová Staneková, Karel Blondeel, Igor Toskin, Massimo Mirandola, for The SIALON II Network*
Trend of antibiotic consumption and its association with influenza-like illnesses in France between 2004 and 2018
Sally Yaacoub, Emilie Lanoy, Karima Hider-Mlynarz, Nadine Saleh, Patrick Maison

Differences between influenza and pertussis vaccination uptake in pregnancy: a multi-center survey study in Italy
Luz Maria Vilca,
Laura Sarno, Elena Cesari, Annalisa Vidiri, Patrizio Antonazzo, Francesca Ravennati, Anna Franca Cavaliere, Maurizio Guida, Irene Cetin
‘I’m not an anti-vaxer!’—vaccine hesitancy among physicians: a qualitative study
Franziska Ecker, Ruth Kutalek

The effect of the employment of experienced physicians in the Emergency Department on quality of care and equality—a quasi-experimental retrospective cohort study
Mette Lindstroem, Ove Andersen, Thomas Kallemose, Line Jee Hartmann Rasmussen, Susanne Rosthoej, Signe Smith Jervelund
Gender aspects in cardiooncology
Anna Hohneck, Florian Custodis, Stephanie Rosenkaimer, Ralf Hofheinz, Sandra Maier, Ibrahim Akin, Martin Borggrefe, Stefan Gerhards
Proportion of deaths in hospital in European countries: trends and associations from panel data (2005–2017)
Jingjing Jiang, Peter May

Cost-effectiveness and return on investment of school-based health promotion programmes for chronic disease prevention
John P Ekwaru, Arto Ohinmaa, Julia Dabravolskaj, Katerina Maximova, Paul J Veugelers
Associations between density and quality of health promotion programmes and built environment features across Jerusalem
Omri Besor, Ora Paltiel, Orly Manor, Milka Donchin, Orly Rauch, Vered Kaufman-Shriqui
Analysis of the accuracy and completeness of cardiovascular health information on alcohol industry-funded websites
Lewis Peake, May C I van Schalkwyk, Nason Maani, Mark Petticrew
Associations between health indicators and sleep duration of American adults: NHANES 2011–16
Yueyue You, Jie Luo, L E M Elstgeest, Yujian Zhang, Siok Swan Tan, Hein Raat

Socio-demographic disparities in amblyopia prevalence among 1.5 million adolescents
Itay Nitzan, Maxim Bez, Jacob Megreli, Dana Bez, Adiel Barak, Claudia Yahalom, Hagai Levine
Social disadvantage and gambling severity: a population-based study with register-linkage
Tiina A Latvala, Tomi P Lintonen, Matthew Browne, Matthew Rockloff, Anne H Salonen

Precarious work increases depression-based disability among male employees
Pasi Pyöriä, Satu Ojala, Jouko Nätti
Adverse employment histories, work stress and self-reported depression in the French CONSTANCES study
Hanno Hoven, Morten Wahrendorf, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins, Johannes Siegrist

A longitudinal study on the effects of previous stillbirth or abortion on subsequent pregnancies and infants
Berhanu Elfu Feleke, Teferi Elfu Feleke
Distance as explanatory factor for sexual health centre utilization: an urban population-based study in the Netherlands
Denise E Twisk, Bram Meima, Daan Nieboer, Jan Hendrik Richardus, Hannelore M Götz

Social distancing measures: barriers to their implementation and how they can be overcome – a systematic review
Mahan Sadjadi, Katharina S Mörschel, Mark Petticrew
Does face mask use elicit risk-compensation? Quasi-experimental evidence from Denmark during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
Frederik Jørgensen, Marie Fly Lindholt, , Alexander Bor, Michael Bang Petersen
Reciprocal association between voting and the epidemic spread of COVID-19: observational and dynamic modeling study
Jean-David Zeitoun, Matthieu Faron, Sylvain Manternach, Jérôme Fourquet, Marc Lavielle, Jérémie H Lefèvre
Public perceptions and behavioural responses to the first COVID-19 pandemic wave in Italy: results from the iCARE study
Jovana Stojanovic, Valeria Raparelli, Stefania Boccia, Simon L Bacon, Kim L Lavoie, for the iCARE Study Team
Were immigrants on the frontline during the lockdown? Evidence from France
Anne Gosselin,
Maria Melchior, Diane Desprat, François-Xavier Devetter, Julie Pannetier, Emmanuel Valat, Sarah Memmi
Sex differences in activity and health changes following COVID-19 in Europe—results from the SHARE COVID-19 survey
Lasse L Scheel-Hincke, Linda J Ahrenfeldt, Karen Andersen-Ranberg

‘It takes a village’: a qualitative study on malnutrition and oral nutritional supplements with older adults in Ireland
Ciara M E Reynolds, Patricia Dominguez Castro, Aisling A Geraghty, Sarah Browne, Laura A Bardon, Clare A Corish
Two sides of every coin: individuals’ experiences of undergoing colorectal cancer screening by faecal immunochemical test and colonoscopy
Wangmar Johanna, Wengström Yvonne, Jervaeus Anna, Fritzell Kaisa

Corrigendum to: Comparison of physical activity levels in Spanish adults with chronic conditions before and during COVID-19 quarantine
Corrigendum to: Trends in health expectancies among the oldest old in Sweden, 1992–2011
Louise Alexandra Sundberg

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