What do you know about Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing?

The present survey evaluates the public health professionals’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing (DTC-GT). DTC-GTs are defined as genetic tests that are both marketed and sold directly to the public, including over the counter, without the supervision of a healthcare professional.
The survey takes part in The Innovative Partnership for Action Against Cancer (iPAAC) Joint Action, Grant Agreement No. 801520 - HP-JA-2017, aninitiative that is co-funded under the Third Health Programme 2014–2020 of the EU commission and includes 44 partners from 24 European countries. The overall aim of iPAAC is to develop innovative approaches to advance in cancer control, while the key focus is placed on the implementation process among the local, regional and national policymakers. The “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, Italy, is supporting Istituto Superiore di Sanità (the Italian National Institute of Health) in the task on DTC-GTs.
Our institution has designed the present questionnaire in line with the published literature. Previous studies focused mainly on investigating physicians’ or geneticists’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviours regarding DTC-GT. Since the implementation of precision genomics may have profound impact on individuals’ health behaviours as well as preventive healthcare practices, it remains crucial to gather the perspectives of public health professionals about DTC-GT.
This anonymous questionnaire includes a first part on personal information and professional activity. In the next sections, you are asked about your knowledge, opinion and behaviour regarding DTC-GTs.
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Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. Your response will be greatly appreciated.