EUPHA-HIA: sessions at the EPH Conference 2021

The Health Impact Assessment section is (co-) organising several sessions at the 2021 edition of the European Public Health Conference. Make sure to attend!

Wednesday 10th

12.50 - 13.50
JTN003 - Health impact assessment: Join the network

16.10 - 17.10
1.E. - Addressing vulnerability within climate change related health impacts

17.20 - 18.20

2.H. - Role of Health impact assessment in the policy-making process for the control of COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday 11th

13.50 - 14.50
5.N. - Cross country COVID-19 policy learning: politics, arrangements and conditions for legitimate policy

Friday 12th

11.30 - 12.30
9.A. - The contribution of Environmental Impact Assessments to better health