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Recent news

 17th Sep 2019
Hans Kluge is the new Regional Director elect of WHO Europe
EUPHA is very pleased with the election of Hans Kluge as the incoming regional director of the WHO office for Europe. Over the past years, we have been working extensively with Hans and his department in the Coalition of Partners as well as with other departments in WHO Europe. We look forward to intensifying this collaboration even more. We congratulate Hans on his election and thank Zsuzsana Jakab for her 10 years of commitment to health in Europe. 

 10th Sep 2019
The European Public Health News of August 2019, presented by our Executive Director
Watch the short introduction to the European Public Health news here, on our EUPHA YouTube channel. The full columns can be read in the most recent issue of the European Journal of Public Health, available here.

 10th Sep 2019
Statement by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) on 4 proposals to increase protection of the people of Europe against vaccine-preventable disease
Ahead of the Global Vaccination Summit, that is taking place 12 September 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, EUPHA publishes a short statement on vaccination. The summit is hosted by the European Commission and the World Health Organization. Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, EUPHA President, will attend this high-level event. 
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 28th Jun 2019
New challenges for public health in the 21st century
In the July issue of Open Access Government, Dineke Zeegers Paget, Executive director of EUPHA, presents her top 5 challenges for public health in the 21st century. 
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 27th Jun 2019
EUPHA meets the Director-General of DG Sante
On Thursday 27 June, Natasha Azzopardi Muscat and Dineke Zeegers Paget had the opportunity to meet with Ms Anne Bucher, the director-general of DG Sante. Discussions included current and future public health challenges in Europe and neighbouring countries. 

 24th Jun 2019
Programme for the 12th EPH Conference in Marseille, France
The programme for the 12th European Public Health Conference in Marseille, France is available. Please, check our webpage!
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 31st May 2019
World No Tobacco day 2019
Today is World No Tobacco day. On this day the world draws attention to the health risks associated with tobacco use. The evidence is clear, tobacco companies’ products are lethal and people should be told the truth about these lethal products, including the adverse effects of smoking, the addictiveness of smoking and nicotine, lack of health benefits from products marketed as being less harmful than regular cigarettes, the true harms of second hand smoke, and their record in intentionally designing cigarettes to make them more addictive. Our calls for World No Tobacco day: Know the facts about e-cigarettes -> find the answers to key questions about e- cigarettes in EUPHA’s Facts and fiction on e-cigs Do not collaborate with the Philip Morris International “Foundation for a Smoke-free World” -> EUPHA joins with many health organisations, including the World Health Organisation, to declare that we will not engage with nor collaborate with the Philip Morris Foundation in any way and call upon all European public health organisations to do the same.

 31st May 2019
EUPHA CHR partnering up for a conference in Slovakia
The International Conference on Chronic Diseases „Chronic Diseases and Integrated Care:  Rethinking Health and Welfare Systems” - organized by the EUPHA section on Chronic diseases in collaboration with local partners, national public health associations of Visegrad 4 countries, and the SCIROCCO Exchange consortium, will take place fon 24-25 October 2019 in Kosice, Slovakia.    The main aim of this event is to provide a multi-stakeholder platform bringing together researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and interest groups to explore ways to tackle chronic noncommunicable diseases effectively in the European region. Deadline for abstract submission: 15 June 2019 For more information please check the conference web-site:

 30th May 2019
Successful first European Public Health WEEK
Thanks to You, the first ever EUPHW exceeded all our expectations! During one week there were 145 events in 35 countries to promote physical activity, healthy environments, healthcare systems, sustainable diets and youth mental health. You can find a summary of each day here.   Thank you for celebrating healthy populations and raising awareness of important public health issues with us!

 15th May 2019
EUPHA HWR publishes 'Who cares for the workforce?'
On the 3rd day of the European Public Health Week, EUPHA HWR published a statement on the question 'who cares for the workforce?', urging future parliamentarians and future commissioners to consider supporting Member States’ efforts to build a health workforce fit to ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages’, the Sustainable Development Goal, which all Heads of States have committed to pursue. 
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 15th May 2019
President-elect at Chrodis-Plus conference in Budapest
Dr Iveta Nagyova, president-elect of EUPHA, attended the CHRODIS-PLUS Conference- Tackling the challenges of chronic diseases in Europe on14-15 May 2019 in Budapest. CHRODIS-PLUS is a joint action funded by the 3rd EU Programme of health and it aim is to promote the implementation in several countries of innovative policies and practices for patient empowerment, health promotion and prevention, and fostering quality management of CD and multimorbidity as well as for improving the adaptation of the employment sector to chronic patients, in pilot actions that can be validated before scaling them up.

 14th May 2019
Summary of WHO Euro-EUPHA workshop on digital health available
The summary of the WHO Europe and EUPHA joint session on the beautiful marriage between digitilization and public health, organised during the WHO Symposium on the Future of Digital Health Systems in the European Region in February 2019 is now available here. 

 8th May 2019
Europe unites to throw spotlight on public health
Ahead of Europe Day, the public health community in Europe prepares to unite. Between 13 and 17 May, more than 100 events across at least 30 countries will celebrate healthy populations and raise awareness about public health. Everyone is invited to organise and join these local, national and regional activities of the first ever European Public Health Week (EUPHW). Read the full press release here
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 6th May 2019
Third Forum of the EU Scientific Panel for Health
On 6 May in Brussels, the third forum of the EU Scientific Panel for Health was organised. The EUPHA research pillar lead, executive director and scientific director attended this meeting to discuss current and future health research priorities. It was the first time that public health research was discussed. Prof. Mark McCarthy, leader of the STEPS, PHIRE and SPHERE projects where EUPHA was involved, gave a presentation on lessons learned from these public health research projects. 

 3rd May 2019
What are the European Union political parties planning for your health?
The EUPHA statement 'What are the European Union political parties planning for your health?' is a response to the European Union parties’ manifestos. The manifestos of the political parties seem not to prioritise health. Read our full analysis of the manifestos and our calls for action in the EUPHA statement. 
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 30th Apr 2019
Which events are you joining? Almost 30 events hosted by 13 countries are already listed, including seminars, workshops, exhibitions, webinars, campaigns and even a yoga class! Many are taking place online, so you can join them from anywhere.   Is your own event listed? Please check if it appears under your hosting country page and make sure that participants know how they can find you on the day. If you haven’t submitted your event yet, please fill in this online form as soon as possible to increase visibility.   Join the kick-off on 13 May at 10:00-12:00 CEST EUPHW participants and partners will be in Brussels to launch the initiative, discuss public health and take part in a “walkinar” to promote physical activity! Join us in person or via live streaming and send your questions to the panel using #EUPHWkickoff. All details on our event page.   Spread the word Our media toolkit includes key messages, resources and guidance to help you promote any EUPHW event and public health messages. To help us get media coverage, please contact your institution’s communications office to make them aware of the kick-off on 13 May and of your own event.   More details available at For any questions, please contact

 30th Apr 2019
EUPHA creates the Rapid Responses Team
In order to be able to provide the evidence-base on a large number of public health topics in a short period of time (24-hours is our aim), EUPHA has created the Rapid Responses Team. Based on the positive experiences of our Spanish member, SESPAS, EUPHA has installed this network of over 40 public health experts to be able to provide input within 24 hours.  

 29th Apr 2019
World Immunization Week - special collection featuring two articles from EJPH
In support of World Immunization Week, Oxford Journals has curated a special collection of related articles, freely available for a limited time. This special collection features two articles from the European Journal of Public Health (EJPH).
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 17th Apr 2019
Health effects of dietary risks in 195 countries, 1990-2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017

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 16th Apr 2019
Only 2 weeks left to submit your abstract!
Hurry up! Only 2 weeks left to submit your abstract for the EPH Conference 2019 in Marseille, France. Don't miss the opportunity to network with experts and colleagues and to expand your professional horizons!
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 5th Apr 2019
BMJ Editor's choice: HPV vaccination: triumphs and tribulations
Richard Hurley, The BMJ Two studies this week concern strategies to reduce cervical cancers: by screening and by human papillomavirus vaccination. A case-control study from Sweden finds that women who attended cervical cancer screening at recommended intervals have a fifth the risk of adenosquamous cell carcinoma and a third the risk of rare types of invasive cervical carcinoma as women who did not attend screening as recommended (doi:10.1136/bmj.l1207). Jiayao Lei and colleagues explain that although the risk reductions are statistically significant the small number of cases reduces precision and precludes adjustment for lifestyle factors. And a Scottish study concludes that introducing routine vaccination of girls aged 12 or 13 with bivalent HPV vaccine reduced high grade preinvasive cervical disease (doi:10.1136/bmj.l1161). Tim Palmer and colleagues, who analysed anonymised data from cervical screening of nearly 140 000 women, say that their findings also indicate evidence of herd immunity. The data were from the first screening visit, however, and vaccinated women were over-represented, which might exaggerate the benefits of vaccination. HPV also causes cancers in men, although these are rarer than cervical cancer. Currently, in the UK only girls and women are routinely offered vaccination. Since last year in England, men younger than 45 who have sex with men have been eligible for HPV vaccination. Last July the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, the UK government’s independent advisory body, recommended, on scientific and economic grounds, that all boys as well as girls should be vaccinated (doi:10.1136/bmj.k3163). Routine vaccination of boys aged 12 or 13 is expected to start soon in England, but the government has ruled out a catch-up programme for older boys ( In the US the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the HPV vaccine should be available to all schoolchildren. Last month the journalist Mara Kardas-Nelson discussed concerns about uptake of HPV vaccination among boys and men in the US (doi:10.1136/bmj.l1210). The problem, she found, may be that the vaccine “is primarily seen as a preventive tool against cervical cancer” and that male vaccination is erroneously viewed by men as simply a means to protect female partners. Meanwhile, the incidence of anal cancers caused by HPV is rising in the US, and HPV has overtaken tobacco smoking as the primary cause of oropharyngeal cancers. These cancers affect men more than women and might outpace cervical cancer in a few years. The triumphs and tribulations of HPV vaccination are, it seems, set to continue. Follow BMJ Editor Fiona Godlee on Twitter @fgodlee and the BMJ @bmj_latest

 19th Mar 2019
EUPHA publishes e-collection Urban design and health
Recent trends such as globalisation and urbanisation, combined with an ageing population and population growth, result in new challenges for public health. To tackle these emerging public health issues, novel approaches are required. Environment and living spaces are to be considered as global, social and political entities that determine the health status of populations. As the papers in this e-collection demonstrate, there is an urgent need for joint actions in order to involve communities and policymakers as main stakeholders of the urban planning process.   The e-collection examines the relationship between built environment and health by presenting evidence from the papers that are recently published in the European Journal of Public Health. This evidence can support decision-makers in innovative policies, strategies and tangible actions in order to face contemporary public health challenges.   This e-collection is published just before the start of the ‘Design and Health symposium’ organised in Milan, Italy from 28-31 March.
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 25th Feb 2019
EUPHA publishes e-collection on antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
EUPHA publishes e-collection 'Fighting antimicrobial resistance: actions taken across Europe'.Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) will remain one of the key threats to global health in the years and decades to come. It is already costing thousands of lives every year. The European region is not spared and unless AMR is tackled rapidly, it will likely become one of the top causes of deaths, globally and in Europe. The European Journal of Public Health papers in this e-collection provide concrete examples of how the strategic objectives of the AMR global action plan can be operationalised in the region, showcasing some successes but also highlighting some of the challenges, in particular around changing prescribing and consumption behaviour. 
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 28th Jan 2019
EUPHA co-signs letter to WHO to express concern at the attempt by the Philip Morris International-funded entity, Foundation for a Smoke Free World (FSFW) to pave the road for partnership with WHO
EUPHA strongly supports the statement issued by the World Federation of Public Health Associations and many other like minded partners regarding the attempt made by the Philip Morris funded “Foundation for a Smoke-Free World” to interfere with global health policy and decision-making. EUPHA has consistently voiced its concern about the tactics being used by the tobacco industry and has issued several statements to this effect over the past months (16 March 201827 March 201830 August 2018).  In support of the statement issued by the FCTC secretariat on the launch of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, EUPHA reiterates that no government or organisation should accept money from, endorse, or enter into partnerships with the Philip Morris International (PMI) funded ‘Foundation for a Smoke-Free World’. The damage being wrought world wide by the continuing global tobacco epidemic requires us to work even hard that ever before to ensure the full implementation of the FCTC. EUPHA highlights its stance on not endorsing research conducting or funded through any partnership related to this PMI-funded Foundation.
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 19th Dec 2018
Prof Walter Ricciardi steps down as president of the Italian Public Health Institute
As President of the Italian National Institute of Public Health, Prof Ricciardi has instigated a resurgence of Italian public health internationally. Over the past decade, public health professionals in Italy have become prominent leaders in public health in Europe. There is a vibrant and highly competent cadre of young professionals that have been attracted to the speciality due to its rising profile. EUPHA is grateful for the contribution that Prof Ricciardi has made. Whilst we regret that he will be leaving the National Instituto Superiore di Sanita with whom EUPHA has been working closely on several important European projects, we wish him all the best for his future role as Professor of Public Health at the Catholic University in Rome and as President of the World Federation of Public Health Associations.
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 10th Dec 2018
EUPHA welcomes Council's adoption of recommendation on strengthened cooperation against vaccine-preventable diseases
The European Public Health Association (EUPHA) welcomes the adoption of a recommendation on strengthened cooperation against vaccine-preventable diseases by Health Ministers during the EPSCO Council meeting held on Friday 7 December. By adopting this recommendation, Ministers send out a clear message on the importance of maintaining high levels of coverage within the European Union. They also demonstrate the importance of continuing cooperation at European level to effectively address cross-border health threats.   During the past months EUPHA has worked to raise attention on the importance of increasing vaccine confidence by publishing a special e-collection of articles published in the European Journal of Public Health and organising a symposium with national and European experts and stakeholders.   EUPHA calls upon politicians to show their support for vaccination since this is important for building vaccine confidence in European citizens.

 30th Nov 2018
WEBINAR: Addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), evidence and policy implementation
Friday 30 Nov 2018 - 4 p.m. (GMT+1)) EUPHA is organising the webinar ‘Addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), evidence and policy implementation’ - live from the European Public Health conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In this webinar, we will share the AMR discussions that are going on at the conference and the need for AMR policy implementation. Also we will look at two country case studies, i.e. Italy and The Netherlands. The discovery of penicillin, the first antibiotic in 1928, marked the beginning of a new medical era. Antibiotics became the cornerstone for treatment of previously deadly infections and an important driver of economic and societal growth. However, the developing threat of AMR faces the world once again with the imminent come back of potentially deadly diseases. Recognising the importance of addressing AMR alarming situation and the importance of public-private sectors and researchers’ talks to improve cooperation, EUPHA invites you to its first webinar “Addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), evidence and policy implementation”. Speakers: Aura Timen, President of EUPHA section on Infectious diseases control / Free University of Amsterdam and National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Silvio Brusaferro, Professor of Hygiene and Public Health, Head of Department of Medicine – University of Udine, Head of Accreditation, Clinical Risk Management and Performance Assessment Unit, Udine Healthcare and University Integrated Trust.Meeting link: 

 31st Oct 2018
EUPHA sent letter on Access to research: the call for open access and the role of learned societies
On 31 October 2018, EUPHA Executive Council sent a letter to Robert-Jan Smits, special envoy to European open access. Referring to the current calls for open access of all research, including the cOAlition S initiative and the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), EUPHA supports open access to publicly funded scientific research. EUPHA accepts that there should be a system whereby scientific data are openly accessible upon publication but contend that this should be decided within a wider review of systems for production, financing and dissemination of scientific publications, including a comprehensive assessment of the impact on all involved. The letter is signed by Prof Peter Allebeck, editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Public Health and Dr Dineke Zeegers Paget, executive director EUPHA. Read the full letter here.
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 29th Oct 2018
SEMINAR - Vaccine Confidence in Europe: time for action
EUPHA is organising a seminar on vaccine confidence in Europe that will take place 7 November 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. The past years we see a rise in vaccine hesitancy, resulting in a drop in vaccine coverage. Vaccination issues are often discussed with stakeholders from the health sector. Also, governments are struggling with their communication about vaccination in order to have high vaccine uptake. Through a series of country case studies we examine challenges and solutions related to vaccine confidence. 7 November 2018, 15:00 – 17:30The Room, De Meeûssquare 35, Brussels, BelgiumRegister for this seminar here.
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 22nd Oct 2018
Keynote at European Association of Dental Public Health
Dr Natasha Azzopardi-Muscat, President EUPHA was invited to deliver the Borrow Foundation guest lecture at the 23rd EADPH (European Association of Dental Public Health) congress in Mallorca, Spain on Friday 19 October. Dr Azzopardi-Muscat spoke about the role of the dental workforce in preventing non-communicable diseases throughout the health system. She proposed a prescription for change based on the following three objectives:  Integrate oral health services into the basic package of healthcare Educate the oral health workforce about population determinants of health Ensure financial protection through the inclusion of prevention and restorative oral health care

 26th Sep 2018
Introducing: InFact
InfAct, the new Joint Action on Health Information has started in March  2018. A brief description of Infact is available on the project website ( The major expected outcome of InfAct is a sustainable solid infrastructure on EU Health Information to improve the availability of comparable, robust and policy-relevant population health data and health system performance information.EUPHA is happy to be one of the partners in the evaluation package.   

 20th Sep 2018
EUPHA accredited by WHO Regional Committee for Europe
EUPHA is accredited to attend meetings of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe. This accreditation is in line with the Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA). It is with great honour that we will continue to participate in the WHO Regional Committee for Europe and we are committed to working together with all stakeholders towards our shared goals, including strengthening the capacity of public health professional in the European region and advocating for public health.

 18th Jul 2018
EUPHA representative re-appointed to the ECDC Advisory Forum
EUPHA is very pleased that Dr Aura Timen, president of the EUPHA section on Infectious diseases control has been (re) nominated as a member of the ECDC Advisory Forum for another 3 years. Through the ECDC Advisory Forum membership, EUPHA has a wonderful opportunity to actively contribute to ECDCs objectives and plans. 

 29th Jun 2018
EUPHA is looking for a communication and marketing strategic officer
EUPHA is looking for:   Communication & marketing strategic officer (Aug/Sep until December 2018)   Over the years, EUPHA has increased its visibility and impact in Europe. For this, several tools have been developed (e.g. active twitter account, mailing list to key European-level policymakers), but is this enough?   If EUPHA wants to have an influence on European policymakers both at European level (EU and WHO Europe) as well as – through our national associations – at national level, EUPHA needs to set up a communication and marketing strategy.   The short-term Communication & marketing strategic officer will look at: -        Which tools have been developed and are they effective? -        Which tools are missing and should be developed? -        Should EUPHA have a permanent presence in Brussels (European Union)? -        Should EUPHA have a permanent presence in Copenhagen (WHO Europe)? -        How can EUPHA put a long term communication and marketing strategy in place in the coming years?   EUPHA is looking for an enthusiastic and experienced communication specialist at European level, preferably in the Brussels region.   Applications should include a CV and motivational letter and should be sent by 15 July 2018 to: For further information, please contact the Executive Director, Dr Dineke Zeegers Paget or check our website:  

 27th Jun 2018
The Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products enters into force
It has taken some time, but the proposed UN Protocol to eliminate illicit trade in Tobacco products (proposed on 12 November 2012) has been signed on the 27th of June 2018 and will enter into force on 25 September 2018. The new treaty, signed by 25 European countries and the European Union, aims at eliminating all forms of illicit trade in tobacco products. It provides tools for preventing illicit trade by securing the supply chain, including by establishing an international tracking and tracing system, by countering illicit trade through dissuasive law enforcement measures and a suite of measures to enable international cooperation.EUPHA welcomes and pledges to support this UN Protocol. 

 14th Jun 2018
EUPHA president at the Tallinn charter's 10th anniversary
Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, EUPHA president, represented EUPHA at the 10th anniversary of the Tallinn Charter on health systems for health and welfare. In 2008, WHO EURO member states signed up for this charter to improve health by investing in and strengthening health systems, and to promote the shared values of solidarity, equity and participation. In 2018, the celebration meeting in Tallinn saw a renewed commitment to the principles of the Charter. Through the adoption of three themes: "include", "invest", "innovate" the Member States hope to achieve a more equitable health status faster. EUPHA remains committed to supporting the Tallinn Charter and will advise our national public health associations to include, invest and innovate. 
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 15th May 2018
EUPHA Statement on proposal for the next EU budget 2021-2027
On May 2nd, 2018, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, presented the proposal for the post-2020 European Union (EU) budget. We believe that European funding for (public) health remains as important as ever and are convinced that it has significant added value. Reflecting on the published proposal, we are pleased to see that the Health Programme will at least be partially continued, even if we are disappointed that the word ‘health’ is almost absent throughout the budget proposal. Read our statement for more reflections on the post-2020 budget proposal.
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 14th May 2018
EUPHA Statement on migration, ethnicity and health
The EUPHA statement on migration, ethnicity and health is published concurrently with the 1st World Congress on Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Health that is held this week, 17-19 May 2018, in Edinburgh. Migrants and ethnic minorities (MEM) often face serious inequities concerning both their state of health and their access to good quality health services. These inequities are increasingly being brought to light by public health researchers, but action to tackle them has lagged behind. To ensure that adequate attention is paid to the determinants of MEM health and the problems of service delivery that can confront these groups, health systems need to become more inclusive. Read the statement here.
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 28th Apr 2018
EUPHA Statement on the Sustainable Health Goals in the European region
Some 2,5 years after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, we wonder how Europe and European countries are doing. We raise the question – how is Europe progressing towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals – or even better – how is Europe progressing towards what we might call the Sustainable Health Goals? Read our findings in the EUPHA statement on the Sustainable Health Goals in the European region.
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 17th Apr 2018
Statement of EUPHA President at WHO high-level meeting 'Health Systems Respond to NCDs: Experience in the European Region'
On 16 April 2018 the EUPHA president, Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, presented a statement at the high-level meeting of the World Health Organisation European Region ‘Health Systems Respond to NCDS: Experience of the European Region’, in Sitges Spain. At the plenary session ‘towards people-centred integrated services’ she talked about how we implement strategies to accelerate making health services more people centred and which challenges need to be overcome. Read her speech here.
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 17th Apr 2018
British American Tobacco replies
In March 2018 we wrote to British American Tobacco and Philip Morris, following court orders in the USA requiring them to issue corrective statements to inform the American public about how these companies had misled them for decades. BAT has now replied, rejecting our request. We publish its letter here. We make observations: First, BAT makes no attempt to respond to the specific concerns that led to the US judgement, relating to misleading the public. It seems that we are to believe that, even if the tobacco industry sought to undermine the evidence on smoking-related harm and the addictive nature of nicotine in the USA, it did not do so in Europe. Second, despite seeking recourse when possible to international trade agreements as it seeks to circumvent national laws on tobacco control, it relies on the territorial limitations of American jurisprudence to reject our request. In both cases, our members can judge these arguments for themselves. Our view is that they provide more evidence on why, as set out in Article 5.3 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the tobacco industry and those it funds should always be excluded from discussions on any aspect of tobacco control.

 28th Mar 2018
1st World Congress on Migration, ethnicity, race and health - update
EUPHA is proud to be a supporter of the 1st World Congress on Migration, ethnicity, race and health that is being organised in Edinburgh from 17-19 May 2018. We already have over 600 delegates participating. Join us at this important congress.  
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 27th Mar 2018
European Public Health Association asks British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International to take measures to tell truth about tobacco
In 2017 leading tobacco companies were required to tobacco companies publish corrective statement advertisements in the U.S.A. telling the American people the truth about their lethal products and related issues, including the adverse effects of smoking, the addictiveness of smoking and nicotine, lack of health benefits from products marketed as being less harmful than regular cigarettes, the true harms of second hand smoke, and their record in intentionally designing cigarettes to make them more addictive. EUPHA believes that the citizens of Europe are equally entitled to be told these facts. Consequently, we have written to both British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International to ask them to take the same measures in Europe. Our letters are published below.
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 27th Mar 2018
EUPHA annual report 2017
This report highlights EUPHA's key activities in 2017. This year was a festive year, as EUPHA was celebrating its 25th anniversary.
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 16th Mar 2018
Statement by the European Public Health Association on the Philip Morris International 'Foundation for a Smoke-free World'
In a paper in The Lancet medical journal, Dr Derek Yach, President of the Philip Morris International Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, expressed a wish to work with others to create a new cadre of tobacco control researchers. EUPHA recognises that, especially for those in countries where funding for health research may be limited, such an invitation from an organisation that will be spending $1 billion over the next 12 years may seem attractive. However, we join with many health organisations, including the World Health Organisation, to declare that we will not engage with or collaborate with the Philip Morris Foundation in any way and call upon all European public health organisations to do the same. Read the full statement here.
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 9th Mar 2018
Consultation for the next EU Research and Innovation Programme Statement on behalf of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) section 'Health Workforce Research'
EUPHA and the EUPHA section on Health workforce research have reacted to the EU public consultation asking for input for the next EU Research and Innovation Programme. EUPHA proposes to develop a research-based vision on health workforce that is able to balance the interests of different Member States as well as the principle of a common market and free movement with the European Union and the national/regional need of a sufficient density of health professionals to provide universal healthcare coverage for all citizens. An integrated theory-driven program on health workforce research in the European research agenda adds value especially in the following areas: health workforce migration, conditions for an open health labour market, the investment in Europe-wide availability of both quantitative and qualitative data, and the coordination of health human resources models.
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 22nd Feb 2018
Statement by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA)
On 22 February 2018, EUPHA submitted its response to the Public consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market. This consultation on EU funds specifically concerns the area of public health, where EUPHA argues strongly that European funding remains necessary and has added value.
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 2nd Feb 2018
EUPHA at Health4LGBTI conference
On February 1st and 2nd, the Health4LGBTI final conference took place in Brussels. During this conference, Arjan van der Star represented the EUPHA section on Sexual & Gender Minority Health.   The conference was the final part of an EU-funded project on reducing health inequalities experienced by LGBTI individuals. The project itself focused mainly on healthcare and aimed to raise awareness, increase understanding and provide healthcare professionals with helpful tools. Besides a literature review and focus group interviews, the project resulted in a full training course for healthcare professionals in order to raise the awareness of LGBTI health inequalities and reduce barriers for LGBTI individuals while accessing healthcare.   During the conference, attendees - representing various NGOs, academia, and civil society – familiarised themselves with the outcomes of the project and the training. The delegates participated in the training sessions and provided extensive feedback to the project's materials. Furthermore, the last sessions of the conference focused on discussing the next steps of the project and its implementations across Europe. Moreover, the importance of the continuation of the project's work was stressed. Future efforts should focus on better understanding the root causes of LGBTI health inequalities, the barriers as experienced in other sectors, and also take a health prevention and promotion perspective into account.  
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 30th Jan 2018
EUPHA publishes e-collection on vaccination
The European Public Health Association (EUPHA) publishes its e-collection: ‘Facing the facts: challenges in vaccinating Europe’. This e-collection reflects on challenges in vaccination in the European region and includes a selection of scientific peer-reviewed articles recently published in the European Journal of Public Health. The e-collection is accompanied by an editorial written by the president of the EUPHA section on Infectious Diseases Control, Dr Aura Timen, and colleagues.

 10th Jan 2018
EUPHA president speaks on keeping health at the core of the European agenda
During the 5th Annual scientific conference of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM) in June 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, the EUPHA president, Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, was interviewed on the importance of keeping health at the core of the European agenda.
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 10th Jan 2018
GENCAD project: factsheets now available
EUPHA is very proud to be a partner in the GENCAD project. This project aimed to improve the knowledge and awareness of sex and gender differences in chronic diseases, using coronary artery disease (CAD) as an example to highlight differences between women and men in prevention and treatment in European countries.   Factsheets in 24 languages assemble the knowledge on gender differences in prevention, clinical manifestation, disease mechanisms, diagnosis, response to therapies and outcomes for the general public and health care professionals.
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 10th Jan 2018
ECHI - European Core Health Indicators
If you are a researcher, policymaker or practitioner in the field of public health, get the latest data from all EU countries on a large number of health-related topics via de updated European Core Health Indicators. The European Core Health Indicators (ECHI), formerly known as European Community Health Indicators are the result of a long-term cooperation between the EU Member States and the European Commission. Three ECHI projects (1998-2001, 2001-2004, 2005-2008) funded under the EU Health Programmes established the first lists of ECHI indicators, aiming to create a comparable health information and knowledge system to monitor health at EU level.
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 13th Dec 2017
EUPHA fully supports the European Commission's Roadmap to strengthen cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases
EUPHA gave feedback to the European Commission's Roadmap to strengthen cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases. Full feedback is available here.

 2nd Dec 2017
National Polish Conference on public health
The Polish Public Health Association organised a 2-day meeting in the beautiful town of Wroclaw from 30 November - 1 December. This national conference was attended by around 150 Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian public health professionals, coming together to discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from investing in health to health care to the future of public health.

 1st Dec 2017
EUPHA immediate past president reacts to Austrian discussions NOT to implement a general ban on smoking
Prof. Martin McKee, immediate past president of EUPHA, has reacted in the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" to plans of the new coalition NOT to implement the general ban on smoking. Austria was, in 2015, one of the last European countries to decide to adopt a general ban on smoking, to be implemented in 2018. With the discussions of coalition partners to set up a new government, this general ban on smoking is back on the discussion table. McKee states: "the evidence on the huge advantages of a general ban on smoking cannot and should not be ignored".

 5th Nov 2017
EUPHA at very successful Stockholm 2017
The European public health conference in Stockholm, 1-4 November, can be described as very successful. With a new record of delegates (over 2'000) and a fully packed programme, this conference has provided an overview of all issues in public health in Europe at this moment. EUPHA - through its sections, pillars and EUPHAnxt - has been very involved in setting the programme. Two plenary sessions, 10 pre conferences and 38 workshops were (co-) organised by EUPHA. During the conference, EUPHA also celebrated its 25th anniversary.

 1st Nov 2017
New EUPHA section on Health workforce research
The EUPHA Governing Board - during its annual meeting on 1 November 2017 in Stockholm - established a new EUPHA section on Health workforce research. This section started as a working group within the EUPHA section on Health services research, but the topic has become so important that a separate section is now put in place. Dr Ellen Kuhlmann, initiator of this section, has been elected the president of EUPHA - HWR.
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 20th Oct 2017
Successful V4 Conference in Prague
On the 19-20 October, the 3rd V4 Conference on Public Health was organised in Prague. Martin Dlouhy, president of the Czech Society of Social Medicine, was the organiser of this event. Over 70 public health professionals from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland exchanged information on public health research, policy and practice. The presidents of all national public health associations were present as well, showing the importance of this regional meeting. In the closing ceremony, Prof Roza Adany, president of the Hungarian association, invited all participants to the planned 4th V4 meeting in Debrecen, Hungary in May 2019. 

 12th Oct 2017
European public health: then, now and the future 25 years of EUPHA
The European Journal of Public Health published a new supplement to celebrate EUPHA's 25th anniversary. EUPHA asked some of its members, all experts in their fields, to reflect upon the main public health issues facing Europe and the added value of the European collaboration that we have worked on together during this time. The result is an overview of public health in Europe—the wider Europe—with the evidence-base needed to address the key challenges, and how we can work together to take (European) public health forward over the next 25 years.  

 27th Sep 2017
Just before the start of the EPH Conference in Stockholm, the EUPHA section on Injury prevention and safety promotion is organising on Tuesday 31 October a meeting on Road traffic injuries – severity and long term consequences. The meeting will take place at Karolinska Institutet and the programme information is attached. If you wish to attend the meeting, please contact Dr Anne Lounamaa, the president of EUPHA - INJ.

 27th Sep 2017
E-collection on public mental health still accessible
EUPHA is happy to remind you that the E-collection on public mental health, published in July 2017, is still available on the EJPH website. EUPHA publishes E-collections on specific health topics by combining already published articles in the EJPH with an updated editorial. E-collections are available free of charge for a period of 3 months.
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 27th Sep 2017
EUPHA presenting at the EU and sustainable diets meeting in Brussels
EUPHA is happy to be an active participant at the Meeting in Brussels on EU and sustainable diets organised by FENS on 21-22 September 2017. Dr Chris Birt, president of the EUPHA section on Food and nutrition, used this opportunity to bring EUPHA's report Healthy and Sustainable diets in European countries under the attention of the participants.

 27th Sep 2017
EUPHA represented in the jury of 3rd EU Health Award 2017 for NGO in vaccination
EUPHA is very pleased that Dr Aura Timen, president of our EUPHA section on Infectious diseases control has been appointed as a  member of the jury of this 3rd EU Health Award 2017.

 22nd Sep 2017
What is the future of Public Health Policy within the European Union?
This commentary, just published in the EJPH, is written by the presidents of EUPHA, EPHA, EuroHealthNet and ASPHER.     Natasha Azzopardi-Muscat, Katarzyna Czabanowska, Nicoline Tamsma, Archie Turnbull; What is the future of Public Health Policy within the European Union?, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 27, Issue 5, 1 October 2017, Pages 792–793, The future of Public Health Policy within the European Union (EU) institutions is currently attracting considerable debate. Since achieving a mandate for public health under the Maastricht Treaty in 1993, the EU has been responsible for implementing important public health policies, for example in the area of tobacco control. Much more however remains to be achieved.1 As the commercial and political determinants of health become increasingly shaped at supra-national levels, there is a clear and pressing need and role for an EU that is actively and visibly at the forefront promoting improvement for the health of European citizens. The EU has a vital role to play in enabling and supporting all Member States to reach the targets set by the Sustainable Development Goals—the vast majority of which will improve...
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 16th Sep 2017
EUPHA co-organised the Salzburg seminar Leadership in healthcare
 EUPHA is very proud to have been one of the organisers of the Salzburg seminar, together with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy. This seminar, that took place from 10-16 September, was very successful. The main speakers included: Prof. Walter Ricciardi, past president of EUPHA, Prof. Martin McKee, immediate past president of EUPHA and Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, president of EUPHA.

 14th Sep 2017
EUPHA attends the 67th Regional Committee meeting of WHO
Organised in Budapest from 10 to 14 September, the WHO Regional Committee meeting was attended both by Prof Martin McKee, immediate past president of EUPHA and Dineke Zeegers Paget and Maaike Droogers from EUPHA office. EUPHA was pleased to have a written joint statement: Towards a sustainable workforce in the European region: a framework for action. The statement was set up by Dr Ellen Kuhlmann, initiator of the proposed EUPHA section on Health workforce research and was co-signed by EHMA and ASPHER.  
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 14th Sep 2017
200th edition of the Health-EU newsletter
EUPHA congratulates DG Sante with the 200th edition of the Health-EU newsletter. The newsletter was started in 2007 and is a successful tool to update Europe on news, forthcoming events, press releases and such. Subscribe/unsubscribe | Previous editions | Suggest news and events | Send to a friend This newsletter is available in 23 official languages of the EU

 14th Sep 2017
EUPHA participates in the EU Stakeholder Pool - EUnetHTA JA3 Forum
On 14 September, 2017, the day after its periodic Assembly, EUnetHTA JA3 has organized a Forum open to the whole EU Stakeholder Pool on HTA. EUPHA is very happy that Prof. Carlo Favaretti, president of the EUPHA section on Health technology assessment, attended this meeting. .

 7th Sep 2017
EUPHA attends the EPHA annual conference
Both Dineke Zeegers Paget, Executive director of EUPHA, and Maaike Droogers, EUPHA scientific officer, attended the 2017 EPHA Annual Conference.  "Make Health YOUR Business" on 7 September in Brussels. The conference focussed on how to unleash the new levers and different levels of power to take action to prevent chronic diseases and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. You can browse the online contributions to the event on the conference Storify and download the press release During the full day programme, EUPHA had a small stand in the exhibition area.  

 1st Aug 2017
Andorra joins the EUPHA network
EUPHA is very pleased to welcome Dr Josep Romagosa Massana as the representative of Andorra into our network. This expands our network to: 78 members from 46 countries:39 national public health associations20 institutional members7 individual members1 gobal member11 partners   

 24th Jul 2017
EUPHA present at the European Parliament debate on Antimicrobial resistance
Prof. Carlo Signorelli, member of the EUPHA Executive Council, represented EUPHA at this important meeting on 27 June, initiated by two Members of the European Parliament, MEPs Nicola Caputo (S&D) and José Inácio Faria (EPP).

 24th Jul 2017
MERH 2018: call for abstracts now open!
*Bursaries available* Our aim is to attract to the congress at least one person from every country in the world. To enable people from low and lower-middle income countries to attend we hope to offer multiple bursaries covering the delegates travel, accommodation and attendance at the congress. To view the list of countries eligible to apply for a bursary please click here. Application Process All applicants must complete the application form which can be downloaded by clicking here. Deadline for all applications is Friday 19th January 2018. We are also recruiting student volunteers to help with the onsite organisation. If you are interested please email Please include your CV and any relevant experience you hold within your email.