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The EUPHA section on Foresight was established during the Annual Governing Board meeting of October 2020.

In most European countries, the effects of the ageing population will have an increasing societal impact in the coming decades. Alongside these demographic trends, other future trends such as economic growth, climate change, technological developments and social-cultural changes will also affect our public health and health care. To have a better understanding of and to anticipate better on these future trends and the challenges they pose, the use of foresight methodologies can be very helpful. Where foresight methodology is common practice in other research fields (e.g. environment and economy), applications in the field of public health are still rather scarce. However, recently, there is a growing interest in public health foresight studies, yet the specific expertise needed to perform foresight exercises is not widespread. Therefore, there is a great need for a platform for exchanging expertise and experiences, for collaboration and the joint development of methodologies and for sharing insights how to link foresight results to policy making. The initiative to set up a new EUPHA section on Public Health Foresight could provide such a platform. This new section links to other EUPHA sections such as Public Health Monitoring and Reporting, Public Health Economics and Health Impact Assessment, and has clear additional value by specifically addressing future facets.


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