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EUPHA Environment and Health Section


The EUPHA Environment and health section aims to promote and strengthen transdisciplinary research and actions to improve health and well-being taking into consideration the complex interconnections between our health and our environment.

Environmental issues – global pollution, biodiversity collapse and climate change - are of the utmost importance for the Public Health community and health sector. This sector itself presents a substantial contribution to environmental degradation. To tackle these issues strong collaboration among professionals from different backgrounds is essential. This section pursues wide professional collaborations to explore holistic approaches to health, transdisciplinary fields and social movements of Planetary Health, One Health, EcoHealth, Global Health and Health in All Policies.

This section endeavors to bring together the complementary principles of these different perspectives and to advocate for them. It provides a platform for the exchange of information between policymakers, practitioners and researchers working on environment and health. Its aim is to join expertises to engender know-how and tools for a future that is environmentally-friendly, sustainable and equal for all. The Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Green Deal are its flagship policy documents for developing different fields of research, building networks and producing robust, scientifically sound evidence on Environment and health.

EUPHA Sections bring together researchers, policymakers and practitioners working in the same field for knowledge sharing and capacity building. By joining this Section, you can exchange knowledge with your peers in the field of environment and health. You don’t need to be a EUPHA Member to join a Section.

We currently have 3250 section members.
It would be great to add you to those members!


Do you work in environment and health?

Promote your work through the European Public Health Journal, the European Public Health Conference and/or during the European Public Health Week.


The Team

President: Marija Jevtic
Vice President: Peter van den Hazel
Secretary: Vlatka Matkovic



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