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EUPHW 2019
5 days, 5 themes
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European Public Health WEEK

13-17 May 2019


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Wednesday 15 May - Care 4 Care

Event type:In-person
Title:The problem of antimicrobial resistance and solutions in hospitals
Description:This conference will be dedicated to doctors, nurses and public health professionals working in hospitals. The aim of the event is to put attention to the problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and its threats in hospitals, to familiarize with the situation of AMR in Europe and Lithuania, to share experience and good practice, to discuss the necessary actions to solve the problem, to inform about innovations in the field of AMR, encouraging them to implement in their daily work.
Start / end:13:00-17:00 (organisers' local time)
Location:  Lithuania
Specific location(s):Kaunas
Website: and
Institutions:National Public Health Centre under the Ministry of Health; Lithuanian Public Health Association